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Books by Elisabeth Noreback

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    Tell Me You're Mine

    Elisabeth Noreback

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    Elisabeth Noreback's debut novel Tell Me You're Mine is a suspense-filled story full of guilt, grief and the balance between love and obsession and hope and madness.

    Happily married psychotherapist Stella Widstrand becomes convinced her latest patient Isabelle is her long-lost daughter, Alice. Stella has always been convinced Alice is still alive after disappearing on a family holiday and now she's determined to reclaim the life she once lost. However, she's worried everyone will think she's delusional...

    Stella will risk everything to prove she's in the right frame of mind, but in doing so she will set off a sequence of events beyond her control, endangering both herself and everyone she holds dear.
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  • Tell Me You're Mine

    Elisabeth Noreback

    Product Code: BXVWG
    Where is the line between hope and madness? Stella only turned away for a second when her baby vanished. Though the little girl's body was never found, Alice was assumed to have drowned, but Stella has never been able to extinguish the hope that somewhere, somehow Alice is still alive. Over twenty years have passed since that fateful day and Stella is a happily married, successful therapist. But when a new patient walks into her office, Stella's life starts to crumble. The young woman introduces herself as Isabelle, but Stella is convinced she's Alice.
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