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Books by Elizabeth Warren

  • This Fight is Our Fight

    Elizabeth Warren

    Product Code: BMNBA
    `Nevertheless, she persisted' has become a rallying cry for millions of those fed up with phony promises and governments that no longer serve their people. In this inspiring #1 New York Times bestseller and inspiring book, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren argues for a fair future for ordinary working people. Join the fight! One of America's leading progressive voices, Elizabeth Warren made headlines after she was ejected from the Senate floor for highlighting the attorney general's troubling history on racial matters and civil rights. Her fiery denunciations of corporate greed have long made her a political celebrity and her stand against Jeff Sessions confirmed her once again as one of the Democratic Party's most influential leaders. In this passionate and inspiring book, Senator Warren tells the story of how the United States built the greatest middle class in history, and how big corporations and financial institutions then came to overpower the interests of poor, lower-income and middle-class people. The story moves from President Roosevelt's New Deal to President Reagan's disastrous trickle-down economics, to President Trump's phoney promises that are pushing working people ever closer to collapse. Writing in the candid, high-spirited voice that is her trademark, Warren delivers a rousing call to action and an outline of how government can better serve the people who work hard every day but now face an uncertain future. The book provides eye-opening accounts of her battles in the Senate, vivid stories about her life and work, and powerful descriptions of the experience of working people who have too often suffered under economic policies that leave them out in the cold. Warren lays out the many wrongs she seeks to right and builds on her meme - `Nevertheless, she persisted' - that spread across the world to act as a rallying cry for the millions of people who do not wish to build walls or put up barriers to free trade and fairness in our society. It is a book that gives voice to those who wish for a different type of future and who wish to fight back.
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