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Ethan Cross

Ethan Cross is the bestselling author of The Shepherd, The Cage and The prophet. Born in Illinois, his writing is full of shocks and surprises.

A musician writing under a pseudonym, Ethan works with the International Thriller Writers Organisation and has had hugely popular books in the UK, the United States, Germany and Italy.

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Ethan Cross Books

  • The Judas Game

    Ethan Cross

    Product Code: AZKCE
    When a correctional officer climbs to the top of his watchtower and opens fire on the inmates and guards, federal investigator Marcus Williams and serial killer Francis Ackerman Jr. must join forces again to unearth the truth behind the incident. What they find is a serial killer using the prison as his hunting grounds. But the Judas Killer's ambitions don't end with a few murders. He wants to go down in history and has no reason left to live. With Ackerman undercover among the inmates and Marcus tracking down the mastermind on the outside, the team must learn the identity of the Judas Killer and stop a full-scale uprising that he's orchestrated. But the more they learn about what's happening at the prison and why the more enemies they must face. From inside the overrun facility, Marcus and Ackerman must save the hostages and stop an elaborate escape attempt while trying to determine how a rival corporation, the leader of one of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations, and an inmate with no identity only known as Demon fit into the Judas Killer's plans. Launching a bold new cycle of novels featuring The Shepherd Organization, The Judas Game is searing, mesmerizing fiction-it's Ethan Cross at his very best.
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