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Books by Gael Chandler

  • Cut by Cut

    Gael Chandler

    Product Code: AQMRE
    What do a script, actors, some money, a crew, and a camera add up to? A good start. Good editing takes the film the rest of the way. This second edition of Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video covers the current landscape of post-production process, taking the reader step by step through the editor's journey from receiving dailies to delivering on film, tape, file, or disk for YouTube, cinema, Blu-ray, or TV.

    The book guides the filmmaker through the operation of digital editing systems, sound and music editing and the mix, and tape, tapeless, and film workflows. The middle section lasers in on how to edit the footage: Make cuts, video effects, overlaps, and cheat shots as well as how to approach different genres such as comedy, documentary, drama, and music videos. The final section takes on music and sound editing and the mix, and wraps up by describing finishing processes including online, negative cutting, and DI processes.

    Clearly and completely lays out the editing journey from the first frame of the shoot to the final show sent out to tube, cinema, disk, or web for the world to see. Details the post-production process from dailies to finishing via online, negative cut, disk authoring, and the DI process. Describes how to approach cutting the footage: Make your first edits, deal with mismatches, and conquer action and dialogue scenes. Has additional advice distilled from fifteen interviews of working editors in multiple genres: features, news, MTV, comedy, reality TV, corporate, and more.

    Written by a master Hollywood editor who has worked on all types of projects from features to TV comedies to infomercials to documentaries to corporate videos and more.
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