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Books by Gavin Thurston

  • Journeys in the Wild

    Gavin Thurston

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    How do you get up close and personal with the planet's most incredible animals?

    Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II cameraman Gavin Thurston reveals all about his extraordinary experiences in search of the perfect shot. He recalls journeys to the Antarctic ocean, the Sahara desert and wild forests of the Congo and reveals how it feels to be a hair's breadth away from prides of lions, silverback gorillas and grey whales in their natural habitat.

    Gavin has over 30 years' experience as a wildlife photographer and in this book he reveals so many secrets: he discusses the hours spent patiently waiting for protagonists to appear; the dangers that cameramen have to overcome; and how it feels to finally capture that perfect shot.

    As if that wasn't enough, this awe-inspiring book also features a foreword from Sir David Attenborough.
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