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    This visual encyclopedia provides an in-depth look at the wonders of the universe and explains what lies in outer space.

    It examines every aspect of space, from galaxies and dark matter to the features of the Solar System, and will help children understand about everything from asteroids and comets to star-forming nebulae and planets.

    Packed with astounding facts, this is the perfect one-stop reference guide to help children (and you!) unravel the mysteries of space.
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    From asteroids and comets to star-forming nebulae and planets, Space Visual Encyclopedia takes an in-depth look at the wonders of our extraordinary universe. Space Visual Encyclopedia examines every aspect of space, from galaxies and dark matter to the features of our Solar System, and from constellations and famous astronomers to man's attempts to gain a greater understanding of the Universe. Packed with fact after fact, Space Visual Encyclopedia is the perfect one-stop reference guide to all you need to know about the mysteries of space.
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    "IF YOU BUY JUST ONE GUIDE... YOU WON'T DO BETTER THAN THIS" BBC Sky at Night Magazine * 12 month-by-month Night Sky Maps for year-round stargazing * Monthly Calendar of moon phases and special events in 2019 * Planet Watch: the best viewing days for planets in 2019 * Dark Sky Map of the UK - find the darkest skies * Optical Equipment Guide - Which Telescope? * The major astronomical events of 2019 * Month-by-month top 20 Sky Sights 2019 Plus: * Expert advice on what to see each month from Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest, Philip's internationally renowned authors. * The Solar System 2019 explains the movement of the planets, with particular attention paid to their positions in 2019. Solar and lunar eclipses, meteor showers and comets are also described. * Expert Robin Scagell's Equipment Review looks at the pros and cons of Stargazing with reflector or refractor telescopes. * And all superbly illustrated with photographs taken by the best amateur photographers illustrating the night skies. Book Description Philip's Month-by-Month Stargazing 2019 is the guide for Stargazers in Britain and Ireland. The new 2019 edition has been completely revised to make it even more essential for exploring the night skies. Essential reading for astronomers at all levels - and the perfect gift for every stargazer. About the Authors Philip's Stargazing Month by Month 2019 is written by two of the UK's best-known and respected astronomers. Professor Heather Couper CBE, FRAS, is an internationally acclaimed astronomer, writer and presenter/producer of TV and radio programmes. Professor Nigel Henbest researched in radio astronomy at Cambridge University, with the Astronomer Royal, and has been a Consultant to both New Scientist magazine and the Royal Greenwich Observatory.
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    Answers to the most popular astronomy questions of today. Over the course of their illustrious work in astronomy, Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest collected hundreds of the most popular astronomy questions that they've been asked. In this book they explain the scientific answers to these questions with expertise and a healthy dose of humour. Below are just a few of the 185 questions they answer: What would happen to an astronaut exposed to space?; Can people live on Mars?; Can an amateur astronomer make useful discoveries?; Why do we have leap years and leap seconds?; What are the most extreme conditions life can survive?; Is there an edge to the Universe?; What happens inside a black hole?; Is Pluto a planet? The Universe Explained answers questions about space travel; telescopes; the solar system; comets, asteroids and meteors; stars; black holes; the Milky Way and other galaxies; the big bang and space and time. As well, Couper and Henbest explore the possibility of life beyond our planet with up-to-date space discoveries and debunk persistent myths and legends. The Universe Explained is a fun and informative book for anyone curious about astronomy.