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Books by L.M. Montgomery

  • Complete Anne of Green Gables Collection - 8 Books

    L.M. Montgomery

    Product Code: CAGG
    Collection 10 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables is a classic series of children's books that has recently been adapted into a popular Netflix series.

    In Anne of Green Gables, the scrawny, freckled girl with bright red hair arrives on Prince Edward Island and takes Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert by surprise. They were expecting a quiet boy to help them with their farm work, but instead they welcomed a chatty girl full of hope and wonder.

    Anne of Avonlea takes place five years later and finds Anne starting a job as a teacher at her old school. She's not much older than the pupils and has so much to prove. Can she inspire a love of learning?

    In Anne of the Island, Anne leaves Green Gables for university. She's always dreamt of this moment but her feelings are bittersweet - she's excited to see the world and broaden her horizons but also anxious about leaving her home, family and friends behind... This is the complete series of charming books for your little reader to enjoy and cherish.

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  • Emily of New Moon Collection - 3 Books

    L.M. Montgomery

    Product Code: ENWM
    Collection 11 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    The Emily of New Moon trilogy is a timeless, charming and unforgettable series from L.M. Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables.

    Emily Starr has never known what it is to be unloved. But when her father dies, she is left in the care of her mother's family. Emily is a stranger to the proud Murrays, none of whom think they can cope with such a heartbroken, headstrong girl...

    They decide to draw lots to see who should look after her and Emily is sent to live at New Moon with her stern Aunt Elizabeth, kind Aunt Laura and eccentric Cousin Jimmy.

    Although Emily is enchanted by her new home, she can't believe she will ever belong there. But then she makes some close friends and everything starts to make sense...

    Format: paperback
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