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Books by Lee LeFever

  • Art of Explanation

    Lee LeFever

    Product Code: AFJJM
    A concrete model for communicating ideas and enlightening audiences Every day professionals go to meetings, give presentations, and write messages with the goal of sharing ideas. And often they feel frustrated because their ideas fail to reach their audience. The Art of Explanation gives business people, educators, and influencers the common sense advice they need to become better at explanation by "packaging" ideas using Common Craft's simple explanation model. Explains how to build a foundation, define problems and causes, and determine your desired results and potential barriers Details how to design your explanation, assemble and organize ideas, and build context by describing the big picture and where your idea fits Shares effective ways to use metaphor and analogy to connect ideas Shows how to summarize the big points and present a call-to-action The Common Craft Explanation Model represents author Lee LeFever's renowned approach to creating easy-to-understand explanations for any topic. Using its six key elements, you'll learn how to consistently plan, package, and present ideas, resulting in clear communication designed to motivate and inspire others.
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