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Books by Luc Hoornaert

  • Must Eat London

    Luc Hoornaert

    Product Code: BAAFR
    After The Big Apple in Must Eat NYC, ISBN 9789401419147, Luc Hoornaert now leads us to the culinary hotspots in the New York of Europe: London. Restaurant guides exist in different shapes and sizes, but this is the first series of guides to focus on the "must eat", the speciality, of a restaurant. As with the first book in the series, the 'Must Eat' element of a restaurant is the central point: from food stalls to small cafes and trendy top restaurants. Despite of their differences, all the places in this book have these things in common: authenticity, dedication, good ingredients and a no-nonsense approach. Must Eat London also allows you to get to know the chef behind each dish and documents their love for the produce. It is illustrated with beautiful photographs by Kris Vlegels.
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  • Chicken on the Menu

    Luc Hoornaert

    Product Code: AWZTX
    Chicken is a universal dish, prepared around the world. It is versatile and affordable. Luc Hoornaert and Kris Vlegels present recipes by famous top chefs such as Bocuse and Georges Blanc, classical chicken dishes for every day, and recipes from cultures around the world.
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