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Books by Marina Adshade

  • Dirty Money

    Marina Adshade

    Product Code: AGOKK
    In this witty and revelatory investigation of the so-called dismal science, University of British Columbia professor Marina Adshade skips the usual widgets and uncovers how the market comes to bear on our most intimate decisions: sex, dating, courtship, love, marriage, even breaking up. The science of 'sexonomics' is born: * How much money does an ugly guy need to have to attract as many women via an online dating site as a hot man? * Is modern marriage just an opportunity to consume more goods and services? * Does raising the price of beer reduce risky sex? * Why does a spike in the sale of sex toys predict an upcoming recession, while an increase in the number of breast lifts indicates a perkier economy is on the way? * Which comes first: a prosperous nation or a promiscuous one? Once you read Dirty Money, you'll never look at your money - or your relationships - the same way again
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