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    Ian McKeever (Hardback)

    Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton

    This is the first in-depth overview of the work of Ian Mckeever RA (b.1946), an artist who has exhibited to considerable acclaim in Britain, America, Europe and Scandinavia. Presenting a multi-layered discussion of McKeever's significant body of paintings, the book's expert authors explore the evolution and complexities of the artist's oeuvre. The influences found in McKeever's work are many-fold, ranging from references to the natural world in the earlier works, to an engagement with aspects of light and the significance of the body in both physical and spiritual terms in the later paintings. Skilfully assessing key elements within McKeever's oeuvre, the authors all demonstrate an intimate knowledge and understanding of the often challenging selection of works presented here. McKeever is a prolific and sensitive writer, especially on painting, and the inclusion of his own words provides a well-rounded and thoughtful analysis of the work of one of Britain's leading painters. Boasting an impressive selection of over 100 colour images, this publication is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary British art and the evolution of Ian McKeever's distinctive work.
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