Books by Mark Chambers

  • BMJXG Toddlers

    Pop-Up Fairytales: Jack and the Beanstalk (Other)

    Mark Chambers

    When Jack climbs an enormous beanstalk, he discovers a giant's magnificent castle at the top. But the giant is hungry and little boys are his favourite thing to eat... However will Jack escape? This fantastically funny retelling of the classic fairy tale is packed with pop-ups, flaps and more! Perfect for bedtimes and for introducing very young readers to this best-loved story.
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    Wings of the Rising Sun (Hardback)

    Mark Chambers

    In the Pacific War's early years, Japanese air power was dominant. The only way for the Allies to defeat their enemy was to know it. This made the task of maintaining productive intelligence gathering efforts on Japan imperative. Establishing Technical Air Intelligence Units in the Pacific Theatre and the Technical Air Intelligence Center in Washington DC, the Allies were able to begin to reveal the secrets of Japanese air power through extensive flight testing and evaluation of captured enemy aircraft and equipment. These provided an illuminating perspective on Japanese aircraft and aerial weapon design philosophy and manufacturing practice. Fully illustrated throughout with a wealth of previously unpublished photographs, Mark Chambers explores Allied efforts to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Japanese air power during the war years, and how this intelligence helped them achieve victory in the Pacific.
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    The SR-71 Blackbird Story (Hardback)

    Mark Chambers

    Perhaps no other aircraft in aviation history has been such a well-kept secret as the United States' Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. This cutting-edge aircraft took the art of aerial spying to an unprecedented level and did it all from highly clandestine high-speed spy missions over Communist nations during the late 1960s and 1970s. With the help of breath-taking photographs, Mark Chambers tells the fascinating story of this truly unique aircraft's design and development as well as its famous and ingenious designer Mr Clarence 'Kelly' Johnson.
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    Junkers Military Aircraft of World War Two (Hardback)

    Mark Chambers

    The Junkers Aircraft Company of Dessau, Germany forever changed the world of aviation when they produced several aircraft that revolutionised warfare during World War Two. Among them were the Ju 87 Stuka, which was key to the success of the Blitzkrieg, and highly versatile bomber and transport aircraft including Junkers Ju 86, Ju 52, Ju 90/290 and, later, Ju 88. Drawing on a multitude of photographs, diagrams and US government reports, Junkers Military Aircraft of World War Two reveals the history of this innovative aviation company and its many key aircraft that played a vital role in the war. From initiating unprecedented advancements in structural design to producing advanced turbojet engines and radical aircraft that provided a glimpse of the future of aviation, the Junkers Aircraft Company proved to be a true pioneer in the aviation world.
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  • ACBSS 3 years +

    Rabbit and the Big Red Scooter (Paperback)

    Mark Chambers

    Mark Chambers' wonderful exuberant illustrations bring Rabbit's adventure to life. Rabbit loves his blue bicycle, until he spots Hare on a big, green scooter. Envious, Rabbit buys himself a big, red scooter, but it's so powerful, he crashes it! Once Rabbit learns that he doesn't need to copy others to be special, life goes back to normal - except on Sundays, when Rabbit drives a big, white stretch-limousine which is much more his style.
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