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    This is a hands-on guide to learning to draw in perspective. It is partly about learning to draw a set of straight lines that meet at a point. And it's partly about learning to look at what is around you, and spot where those invisible straight lines might be located.It's a book for anyone who wants to draw or paint-in any genre and in any medium. And it's not weighed down with theory - although everything you will need to know is explained. Most of all, it gives you exercises to play with. You can put your observational skills to the test with our "image quiz" features-where you take a pen and draw in all the vanishing points onto the book itself. Or use our special "perspective chambers" to draw objects onto an existing scene, keeping it all in the right perspective: think of it as a kind of 3D doodling.By the time you get to the end of the book, you will understand how perspective works and be able to apply it intuitively without a ruler or drafting table. The whole concept will feel like a sixth sense. And you can get on with being creative.There is also a 30-page workbook to put your skills to the test!
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    THE SUPER-FAST DRAWING TECHNIQUE ANYONE CAN LEARN Anyone can draw, and anybody who can already draw can always learn to draw better. In this book, leading art tutor Matthew Brehm gives you all the skills you need to sketch the urban environment in just 15 minutes. Good drawings aren't always the ones that you've spent a lot of time over; some of the best pieces are swift, energetic studies that capture the feel of the subject in a few well-placed lines. This book contains a series of exercises that develop the core skills for drawing buildings and cities, all of which can be completed in a quarter of an hour. * Build confidence in mark making. * Understand perspective. * Play with proximity and point of view. * Record details such as reflections and shadows. * Capture the character of buildings and cities.