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Books by Max Hastings

  • Chastise: The Dambusters Story 1943

    Max Hastings

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    What really happened on the night of the Dambusters raid?

    Following extensive research, acclaimed military historian Max Hastings urges us all to examine the Dambusters in more complex shades. Having grown up embracing the story of 24-year-old wing-commander Guy Gibson and his crew's bravery on 16 to 17 May 1943, Hastings reveals how although some of the legends are true, the team also made some devastating errors and mistakes.

    He sets the Dams Raid in the big picture of the bomber offensive and of the Second World War and offers moving portraits of the young airmen who made the mission a success including Barnes Wallis, Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris and the tragic Guy Gibson.

    This is a superb narrative of one of the most extraordinary episodes in British history.
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  • Vietnam

    Max Hastings

    Product Code: BWKQI
    Sir Max Hastings has authored twenty-six books, some of which have become bestsellers and have been translated all over the world. This masterful chronicle covers one of the most devastating conflicts of the 20th century, the tragedies of Vietnam.

    Hastings spent the past three years interviewing participants and researching a multitude of American and Vietnamese documents to create this epic narrative that covers all events from 1945 through to 1975. He portrays the battle of Dienbienphu, the Tet offensive, the air blitz, as well as less familiar events such as the bloodbath at Daido.

    This magnificent volume is able to blend a political and military narrative of the entire conflict using heart-stopping personal experiences. He marshals testimony from warlords, peasants, statesmen, and soldiers to create this extraordinary record of tragedy.
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