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Books by Murray Leeder

  • Refocus: the Films of William Castle

    Murray Leeder

    Product Code: BOKAZ
    The first collection of essays devoted to Hollywood director William CastleOften described as 'the Master of Gimmicks', William Castle is best known for the outrageous publicity stunts that characterised his genre films in the 1950s and '60s, including offers for an insurance policy against death by fright, vibrating seats, a skeleton that flew over the audience, and a 'punishment poll' to determine a film's conclusion. But far from being 'the world's craziest filmmaker', Castle was also a dependable studio director who made more than 50 films between 1944 and 1974, and who produced films for Orson Welles and Roman Polanski. 'ReFocus: The Films of William Castle' assembles fourteen essays on the full sweep of Castle's career, including his horror films, westerns, film noirs and more. With an influence felt on directors like Joe Dante, Robert Zemeckis and John Waters, this volume reappraises Castle's legacy as an innovator as much as a showman.ContributorsHugh S. Manon (Clark University)Zachary Rearick (Georgia State University)Anthony Thomas McKenna (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)Murray Leeder (University of Calgary)Beth Kattelman (Ohio State University)Eliot Bessette (University of California, Berkeley)Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (University of Melbourne) Steffen Hantke (Sogang University)Michael Brodski (University of Mainz) Caroline Langhorst (University of Mainz)Michael Petitti (University of Southern California)Peter Marra (Wayne State University)Kate J. Russell (University of Toronto)
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  • Cinematic Ghosts

    Murray Leeder

    Product Code: BAILO
    In 1896, Maxim Gorky declared cinema "the Kingdom of Shadows." In its silent, ashen-grey world, he saw a land of spectral, and ever since then cinema has had a special relationship with the haunted and the ghostly. Cinematic Ghosts is the first collection devoted to this subject, including fourteen new essays, dedicated to exploring the many permutations of the movies' phantoms. Cinematic Ghosts contains essays revisiting some classic ghost films within the genres of horror (The Haunting, 1963), romance (Portrait of Jennie, 1948), comedy (Beetlejuice, 1988) and the art film (Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, 2010), as well as essays dealing with a number of films from around the world, from Sweden to China. Cinematic Ghosts traces the archetype of the cinematic ghost from the silent era until today, offering analyses from a range of historical, aesthetic and theoretical dimensions.
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