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Nigel Williams

The author of the Wimbledon Trilogy, Nigel Williams was born on 20 January, 1948 in Cheadle and writes books about suburbia. A novelist, screenwriter and playwright, he moved to south London in his youth. He still lives in Putney and is married with three sons.

Before publishing his first novel My Life Closed Twice in 1977 (also the winner of 1978's Somerset Maugham award, he worked a a general trainee and worked as an arts producer. He has also worked as a scriptwriter on the second season of Jim Henson's Storyteller series and the Emmy-nominated Elizabeth I series starring Helen Mirren.

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    Retired bank manager George Pearmain is, apparently, dead. According to the behaviour of everyone around him, it would seem that he is no more. Not only that, but his mother has also passed away too - and on the eve of her 99th year, poor dear. Not only that, it could be that they were both murdered. He feels fine otherwise. As George's family gather for the birthday-celebration-that-never-was, he hovers around the house, watching and listening, entirely unseen. As a result, he makes all sorts of discoveries about himself, his wife Esmeralda and his supposedly happy family ...Screamingly funny and strange, it asks the question: What if you could bear witness to your own demise?
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    The classic tale of a group of English school boys who are left stranded on an unpopulated island, and who must confront not only the defects of their society but the defects of their own natures.