Books by Niki Daly

  • BBLIS 3 years +

    Little Hands Books 3 (Other)

    Niki Daly

    These new board book sets are written and illustrated by Niki Daly and Jude Daly, both of whom are locally and internationally successful. The concepts are simple and accessible to all toddlers, as anything new they discover in a book needs to be interpreted in their own way. We imagine that the audience may need a gentle and quite overt nudge into the world of images and words and include humour, whimsy and reader participation so that adults also interact with the children and the books.
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  • AXEVP 3 years +

    Surprise! Surprise! (Hardback)

    Niki Daly

    Mrs Tati wants a baby and when no baby appears, Mr Tati comes up with a jaunty solution! He brings his wife a sweet little piglet with a rosy face and curly tail. How Mr and Mrs Tati love their piggy baby, but should he be brought up as a boy or a pig, and what will happen if he goes to school? And could this tale have one more twist at the end of it...?
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