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Books by Nisha Katona

  • Mowgli Street Food

    Nisha Katona

    Product Code: BOJSZ
    The Mowgli restaurants have been serving the kind of food Indians eat at home to so many hungry punters ever since the first restaurant was opened by barrister Nisha Katona in Liverpool in 2014.

    This book is packed with simple recipes that will help you recreate the flavours of the street food restaurant in the comfort of your own kitchen. From Fenugreek Kissed Fries to a Masala Wrap, there so many ideas for spicing up your dinner. There are even ideas for desserts, drinks and cocktails.
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  • Pimp My Rice

    Nisha Katona

    Product Code: BOAUM
    Nisha Katona is here to change the way you think about rice forever. This reissue of her 2015 classic - with a gorgeous new cover - is a celebration of dishes from Nisha's home kitchen and around the globe. Pimp My Rice will show you how to make the most of a rainbow of rice types and explains how to cook them perfectly every time. Try the fresh tastes of a Killer Cucumber and Wild Rice Salad, the sunshine flavours of Lebanese Rose Petal Rice, or even a Black Rice and Coconut Sorbet. Enjoy the tastes of Creole Cinnamon Fritters for breakfast or a Beefed-Up Bibimap for dinner. From arancini to kedgeree, risotto to old-fashioned rice pudding, this is the ultimate collection of pimped-up rice recipes.
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