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  • Britain's Historic Ships - Paperback - 9781844864096 - Paul Brown
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    Passionately written by Paul Brown, this lavish book explores 20 of the most celebrated and accessible ships in Britain and explains how they have helped to shape the nation.

    Britain has a long and rich seafaring history that stretches right back to the time of Drake and Nelson. Although much of this is recorded in literature and in museums, there's nothing better than looking at the preserved and restored monuments to discover their true past.

    Presented in order of each ship's launch date, each entry is written by the acknowledged expert on a particular vessel, giving full specification details. The book is also sumptuously illustrated with contemporary photographs and historical illustrations.

    Among the vessels featured at the Mary Rose, HMS Victory and the Cutty Sark.
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    For three centuries Portsmouth has been the leading base of the Royal Navy but the naval heritage of its port can be traced back to the Roman invasion of Britain. From the Roman walls of Portchester to the best-preserved Georgian dockyard in the world and the illustrious HMS Victory, Portsmouth is amongst the most important naval sites in the world. This fascinating book, in its new and fully revised edition, focuses on the history and present status of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as well as the magnificent ships Victory, Warrior and Mary Rose that have been preserved and are now on display at Portsmouth. Drawing on impressive original research and illustrated by a host of colourful photographs, author Paul Brown has created a concise and helpful guide to the key maritime attractions in Portsmouth and Gosport, including the Submarine Museum, the sea forts, the Gunwharf and the commercial port.
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    When a band of Norman adventurers arrived in southern Italy to fight in the Lombard insurrections against the Byzantine empire in the early 1000s, few would have predicted that within a few generations, by force of arms, some of these men and other later arrivals would seize control of Apulia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. How did they make such extraordinary gains and then consolidate their power? Paul Brown, in this thoroughly researched and absorbing study, seeks to answer these questions and throw light onto the Norman conquests across the Mediterranean which were even more remarkable than those achieved in France and England.Throughout he focuses on the military side of their progress, as they advanced from mercenaries to conquerors, then crusaders. The story of the campaigns they undertook in Italy, Sicily, the Balkans and the Near East, of the battles and sieges that marked their expansion, reveals their remarkable talent for war and the increasing efficiency of their organization.Particular attention is paid to the polyglot character of Norman forces, and the growing sophistication of their tactics, from cavalry raids to combined-arms warfare and siege craft. The dominant role played by a succession of Norman leaders from the Hauteville family is a key theme of the narrative - a line of ambitious and ruthless rulers that ran from Robert Guiscard and Bohemond to Tancred and King Roger II of Sicily.Paul Brown's account of the Norman conquests in the Mediterranean is based on the most recent scholarship in the field. It challenges some of the common assumptions about the equipment, organization and fighting methods of the Norman armies and the men who fought in them.
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    "Prehistoric Rock Art in the Northern Dales" brings together a wealth of information about the rock art of the Northern Dales, an area spanning no fewer than seven dales in three counties. On a journey that begins in Wensleydale in the south and ends with Weardale in the north, Paul and Barbara Brown offer a clear and fascinating account of the visually stunning rock art of this region. With discussions on the chronology of the rock art and its relationship to other archaeological features in the area, this book presents the most up-to-date study of the prehistoric landscape of the North York Moors. It is illustrated by Paul Browns much acclaimed three-dimensional illustrations.
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    From muddy creek to naval-industrial powerhouse; from constructing wooden walls to building Dreadnoughts; from maintaining King John's galleys to servicing the enormous new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers: this is the story of Portsmouth Dockyard. Respected maritime historian Paul Brown's unique 800-year history of what was once the largest industrial organisation in the world is a combination of extensive original research and stunning images. The most comprehensive history of the dockyard to date, it is sure to become the definitive work on this important heritage site and modern naval base.