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  • ATIN 3 years +

    Audrey the Amazing Inventor (Hardback)

    Rachel Valentine

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    Audrey has made a catapult that sends Happy Cat a little too far into orbit - and her jam dispenser has got her into quite a sticky situation.

    This science-themed book follows Audrey as she makes a number of well-intentioned inventions and carries out all kinds of experiments. They never quite go to plan, but should she give up or keep going and make something truly amazing?

    This is an inspirational book for children who are interested in science and inventing.
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  • APWAK 3 years +

    Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon (Paperback)

    Rachel Valentine

    Marmaduke's not like all the other dragons - his ears are too big and he never even tries to fly. He just doesn't fit in, however much he wants to, and so he feels terribly lonely. And Princess Meg? Well, she wears trainers and breaks into dance at the most inappropriate of times, which means that she sticks out like a sore thumb. She doesn't really have any friends, but then she's far too busy having fun to notice ...Until one day when Marmaduke and Meg's lives collide in the most exciting, brilliant and surprising way and they both realise just how much they need each other. And, who knows, maybe a princess and a dragon will make the most perfect best friends.
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    Audrey the Amazing Inventor (Paperback)

    Rachel Valentine

    Meet Audrey. She wants to be an inventor, but her inventions are not entirely successful: the egg collectors and jam dispenser are a bit messy, and her faithful pet, Happy Cat, is still recovering from the mishap with the cat washer! It's enough for Audrey to lose heart and give up altogether, but with some encouraging words she gives inventing one last try. This fun and quirky picture book featuring a feisty and inspiring female protagonist with an inventive mind and curious spirit, is an inspirational story about following your dreams, caring for those you love and persevering to achieve your goals. Hilarious, heartfelt and utterly bonkers, Audrey the Amazing Inventor is a new heroine with plenty to say and do!
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