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Books by Riccardo Niccoli

  • Coccarde Tricolori 2018

    Riccardo Niccoli

    Product Code: BQOPI
    Now available the XVI edition of our Italian defence yearbook "Coccarde Tricolori". "Coccarde Tricolori 2016" includes: * Review of the most important facts, photos and news of the year 2017 in the air, sea, and land fields. * 29 illustrated in-depth articles on topical subjects. * Fact sheets on the Italian MoD and on all the Armed Forces and State Corps, including organizations, order of battle, data on personnel and balance. * Fact sheets on all the air, sea and land machines and equipment used by the Italian Armed Forces. * An English Summary Among the subjects of this edition: exclusive reports on the first Italian Air Force F-35 unit, the Brigata Alpina "Taurinense" (Italian mountain troops), the EU sea operation "Atalanta", the Eurofighter Typhoon in Swing-role operations, the Italian military satellite systems and programs, the new Leonardo P-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, two Army and Navy main depot and maintenance centres, the Italian Army sniper courses, and much, much more!
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  • Coccarde Tricolori 2014

    Riccardo Niccoli

    Product Code: AKUCE
    With its XII edition, our yearbook-magazine "Coccarde Tricolori" grows up and improves. Since this edition, it deals not only with the aviation sector of the Italian Armed Forces and State Corps, but adds also the land and naval sectors, to become a complete publication on all the Italian Defence and Security forces, and its industry. . The new "Coccarde Tricolori" is formed by 320 colour pages, which include: The air, land and sea forces 2013 overviews, with all the main facts, news and photos of the past year. 26 illustrated in-depth features on topics subjects. The data sheets of the Ministry of Defence, and of all the Armed Forces and State Corps, with updated and detailed data on organisations, balance, personnel, flight hours, etc
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