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  • Yorkshire - Hardback - 9780297609438 - Richard Morris
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    By weaving historic tales, poetry, family stories, travelogue and ecology, this book will delight anyone who loves the beautiful county of Yorkshire.

    From the part played by Whitby and Hull in the emptying Arctic waters of whales to the re-routing of rivers and destruction of Yorkshire's fens, this moving book covers everything that has shaped the county and made it so iconic and unique.

    Longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize and featuring inspiring photographs, it also looks at discoveries, inventions, encounters and many other key moments from Yorkshire's history that helped make it take shape.
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    History thrives on stories. TIME'S ANVIL explores archaeology's influence on what such stories say, how they are told, who tells them and how we listen. In a dazzlingly wide-ranging exploration, Richard Morris casts fresh light on three quarters of a million years of history in the place we now think of as England. Drawing upon genres that are usually pursued in isolation - like biography, poetry, or physics - he finds potent links between things we might imagine to be unrelated. His subjects range from humanity's roots to the destruction of the wildwood, from the first farmers to industrialization, and from Tudor drama to 20th-century conflict. Each topic sits at a different point along the continuum between epoch and the fleeting moment. In part, this is a history of archaeology; in part, too, it is a personal account of the author's history in archaeology. But mainly it is about how the past is read, and about what we bring to the reading as well as what we find. The result is a book that defies categorisation, but one which will by turns surprise, enthral and provoke anyone who cares for England, who we are and where we have come from.
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    Harry Price (1888-1948) was one of the most controversial psychic investigators of all time. He had his first psychical experience at the age of fifteen and dedicated his life to establishing the occult on a scientific and foolproof basis. Although a tireless self-promoter, Price was well aware of the lengths that people would go to both to delude others and themselves. He became famous for both promoting mediums and psychics and for debunking them, and for crossing swords with the Society for Psychical Research, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the editor of the "Daily Mirror". He was wooed by the Nazis to establish a National Socialist institute for psychical research while his investigations included Borley Rectory in Essex, described as the most haunted house in England, the claims of a medium to be able to turn a goat into a man and a talking mongoose on the Isle of Man! But there was more to Price than psychical research. Richard Morris' fascinating book investigates the truth about Harry Price and reveals whether he was a charlatan or a gifted pseudo-scientist.
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    Chronicles the transformation of Richard Morris, whose life of personal and public pain - a life burdened by more than 400 pounds - undergoes a transformation as Richard discovers the redemptive power of traditional foods. This title explains how the Total Food Index (TFI) can help you win the war against overweight and poor health.
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    'Restless, poetic, strange ... and the territory it describes deserves nothing less' Observer 'Glittering and energetic' Country Life Yorkshire is 'a continent unto itself', a region where mountain, plain, coast, downs, fen and heath lie close. By weaving history, family stories, travelogue and ecology, Richard Morris reveals how Yorkshire took shape as a landscape and in literature, legend and popular regard. The result is a fascinating and wide-ranging meditation on Yorkshire and Yorkshireness, told through the prism of the region's most extraordinary people and places.