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  • SLRW 9 years +
    9 years +
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    Robert Winston's Science Lab is a book packed with experiments and activities that will help children learn how science works. It reveals how rockets fire into space and explains the reasons that buildings can survive earthquakes.

    From building a bridge and crafting a catapult to making a marble run, these hands-on activities will help children understand how science, technology, engineering and maths are woven through the world around us.

    Covering all of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, these projects complement the school curriculum and help prepare children for the modern world.
  • AJCVR 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £7.99
    Robert Winston helps you wrap your head around how the brain works.

    Join Professor Robert Winston in What Goes On In My Head? and introduce your child to the most powerful, complicated computer network that exists ? their brain.

    You can make sense of the brain's mind-boggling structure and understand how it controls everything you do. From how different parts of the brain work and why it changes at different stages in a person's life, to why sleep is so important for us, you'll uncover the secrets of your inner world in incredible detail.

    This book is packed with amazing illustrations and fascinating facts like why bird song is similar to human speech and what makes animals yawn. Plus, fun brainteasers to test your child's memory, perception, reasoning and reactions and a personality quiz to make learning about the brain exciting.

    So, get your head around the brain's anatomy and learn about everything from emotions and behaviour to memory and personality and gain a fascinating insight into your brain with Robert Winston's What Goes On In My Head?
  • EPT2 7 years +
    7 years +
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    Readers aged 9 and over will love these exciting experiments devised by Professor Robert Winston, presenter of the popular television series The Human Body.

    Science Experiments has projects for all abilities, from creating balloon rockets and glow-in-the dark jelly to making a metal detector. Clear step-by-step instructions and well-written text make this book a treat to dip into.
  • AOXZO 7 years +
    7 years +
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    Utterly Amazing Human Body is an eye-catching pop-up book that teaches kids how the human body works Professor Robert Winston unravels the mysteries of the human body through pop-ups, pull-outs, flaps, sliders and incredible facts to make learning about the human body fun and interactive. Pop-open the mouth to reveal the teeth, tongue and senses of smell or lift-the-flap on the human body to reveal all the major organs and systems. From bulging muscles to the inside of the brain, this beautiful pop-up book brings the human body for kids to life with Professor Robert Winston to help along the way.
    • £8.89
    • RRP £8.99
    An explosive look at chemistry with Robert Winston, All about Chemistry answers all those intriguing questions your kids ask...Why are helium balloons lighter than air? What are the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone? All About Chemistry takes an amazing look at the what, why and how of science. From the geeky Greeks to explosive elements kids can enter a world of discovery as they find out the extraordinary way our world works. It's chemistry, but not as you know it.
  • SSQD 6 years +
    6 years +
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    Robert Winston and the Science Squad are here to provide your children with an engaging and fact-packed introduction to all the STEAM subjects: science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

    Brightly illustrated with zany characters, this book breaks down scientific elements into accessible and understandable chunks and explains everything from how robots work to what a food chain is and how lungs help us breathe.

    Covering living things, the human body, space, physics, geography, maths, engineering and chemistry, this book will help would-be scientists learn how the world works.
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    Brimming with exciting projects to help budding boffins explore the science of their surroundings. Using easy-to-find everyday materials, these are science experiments to do at home and in the garden.Written by Robert Winston, Outdoor Lab is an unmissable outdoor approach to science and STEM learning. Kids can extract DNA from strawberries to learn about genetic traits, make a model of tectonic plates to understand earthquakes, and make a wormery to learn about 'useful waste'. These wonderful experiments will help kids to understand our world and beyond by building a telescope and looking at the planets and stars or make a bottle rocket to learn about Newton's laws of physics. Outdoor Lab uses real-world examples and an irresistible mix of craft activities and experiments to get young scientists excited from the get-go.
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    Join Professor Robert Winston for an amazing look at the story of evolutionary science and the way Charles Darwin's revolutionary theories changed the world. Explore lands of fire, meet curious creatures, and peer into the future, as you follow Darwin on his epic voyage in search of the origins of species. Discover how previous thinkers believed life began and the dramatic developments since Darwin's era. Find out how theories developed after Darwin, with modern scientists revealing the secrets of genes and DNA and showing what lies in the future. It's the origins of you, your friends, and every living thing on Earth!
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    What makes Earth an ideal place for life to survive? Professor Robert Winston will take kids back to Earth's beginnings showing how organisms live and survive in All About Biology. From the very big to the microscopic, meet the animals, plants, fungi and bacteria that play an important role in sustaining life on Earth. Packed with colourful images, facts and stats, All About Biology introduces the features and characteristics of the six main kingdoms of life. Help your child discover how life began and just what it means to be alive today.
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    My Amazing Body Machine takes kids on a unique and exciting journey through all the working parts of human anatomy. From our intricately wired brain to our squeezing, squelching guts and relentlessly pumping heart, renowned scientist Robert Winston exlores each part of this living machine through incredible, original papercraft artworks by Owen Gildersleeve. With clear text and fascinating bite-size facts about the human body, My Amazing Body Machine is a body book that makes learning about biology fun. Up-close photography shows how your body works in an immediate and ingenious way. My Amazing Body Machine by Robert Winston is a fabulous, colourful book and makes understanding the most complex machine on Earth both simple and enjoyable: the human body.
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    Covering everything from the menstrual cycle to sexting and even cyber-bullying, this visual guide to puberty and adolescence is a must-read for all parents and tweens embarking on those scary teenage years.Help Your Kids with Growing Up is the only guide to cover contemporary issues such as internet safety, whilst also tackling key topics such as sexuality and body image. Expert-written content by Professor Robert Winston offers a straight-forward, unpatronizing approach to tricky topics, with special chapters on puberty by Dr Radha Modgil. Stunning graphics and illustrations make this invaluable for tweens and teens alike, whether as a quick-reference guide or cover-to-cover read.Non-judgemental and up to date, this is the essential illustrated guide to adolescence for both parents and their teens.
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    Discover why you do what you do Join Professor Robert Winston and introduce your child to the most powerful, complicated computer network that exists - their brain. From what the different parts of the brain do and why it changes at different stages in a person's life, All About Your Brain uncovers the amazing things your brain does while you are awake and asleep. All About Your Brain packed with amazing illustrations and fascinating facts like why bird song is similar to human speech and what makes animals yawn. As well as fun brainteasers to test your child's memory, perception, reasoning and reactions.
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    We are born with the instinct to create and invent. Indeed, our ability to do so is what separates us from the rest of the animal world. But have our creative ideas always produced desirable results? And have they always served us well? "Bad Ideas?" traces the fascinating history of our attempts at self-improvement but also questions their value. The dubious consequences of the development of weaponry, for example, is self-evident. But what of apparently more innocuous advances such as farming, writing and medicine? Science has produced huge good but has also had unforeseen consequences. Can science and scientists find solutions to the perils that now menace us? We join Robert Winston on a thrilling journey from our earliest days to the present. We meet some key individuals along the way and share quirky anecdotes about their lives and brainwaves. Inspiring, unusual and at times controversial, "Bad Ideas?" assesses the past and looks forward to the opportunities of the future. In so doing it celebrates man's extraordinary capacity for achievement and offers a hopeful way forward to protect humanity against what sometimes seem like bad ideas.
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    For many people conceiving a baby is easy. For others, the difficulty or inability to conceive can cause anguish and heartache due to possible fertility issues. When people learn that their fertility is challenged they have a vast array of questions. There is a lot of important information but men and women don't always know where to turn. Written by one of the founding fathers of IVF and experts in fertility Professor Robert Winston, this book offers the most up-to-date, well researched, scientifically proven and reassuring advice and guidance at this time. Divided into a number of subjects such as understanding your fertility, diet, fertility treatments and support, each chapter is structured around the most common questions asked by men and women.Amongst many others, the areas covered include how men and women's fertility can be challenged; what can be done to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally; when you might want to consider fertility treatment; what treatments are available and how they vary; the kinds of questions you should be asking your treatment clinic; if there are risks of fertility treatment; the difficulties people go through during fertility treatment and what support is given. The Essential Fertility Guide is the first in the series of reference books published in association with The Essential Parent Company. With tips, lists of do's and don'ts and case studies, this book arms you with everything you need to know and understand about fertility and how to boost your changes of having a baby.
  • RWAS 7 years +
    7 years +
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    Why is the sky blue? Do dogs cry? Could you jump off the world?

    Professor Robert Winston answers questions about all things science in this jaw-dropping book. Each question has been asked by a real child and Robert gives accessible answers to the questions.

    The questions cover chemistry, physics, the human body, Earth, space and nature and the book has fun and engaging artwork.
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    Compared to the famously fecund rabbit, for whom a single act of coitus has a 90% chance of creating a litter of up to 12 rabbits, humans are very infertile animals. Here in the UK, the average chance of conception is about 18% per month. And in 98% of cases, successful conception leads only to the birth of a single infant. It is unsurprising then that huge efforts have been made to increase our fertility. In vitro fertilisation, first attempted one hundred years ago, has now become big business. Market forces, combined with the desperation of many couples to fulfil their biological imperative, have pushed doctors and scientists closer to the boundaries of what is desirable or ethical. And as we are increasingly able to access and control the embryo, the opportunities of altering human genetics to eradicate disease, but also to change human characteristics, becomes a real, and to some, frightening possibility. A Child Against All Odds is a ground-breaking book for Robert Winston as it falls squarely in his area of expertise. It combines his work at Hammersmith Hospital as one of the country's leading fertility specialists, with a hard-hitting, sometimes humorous, often controversial look at the scientific, social and ethical background of man's struggle to discover and control the secrets of reproduction. Drawing on personal and professional experience, it is the definitive account of modern reproductive technology from a practitioner who has spent his professional life at the forefront of this most fascinating and emotive area of science.