Books by Sam Hutchinson


    Food Chains: Who eats what? (Paperback)

    Sam Hutchinson

    Plants photosynthesise sunshine into food, primary consumers eat the plants and secondary consumers eat the primary consumers. Nobody eats the apex predators at the top of the pile! And the decomposers break it all down... Trace the Sun's energy as it travels along food chains, through seven different ecosystems, sustaining life all over the planet. Beautiful cut-paper illustrations bring deserts, mountains and other habitats from around the world to life in style.
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    English (Paperback)

    Sam Hutchinson

    Action-packed illustrations introduce your eager young language learners to essential words in English - plus a few fun ones. From having breakfast together to visiting the zoo or a fantastic art gallery to learn about colours and shapes, these characters will bring new words to life on the page and reinforce those words that you already know. Each page has a central scene teeming with details to discuss and discover. Each word has its own illustration.
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    Birds (Colour by Numbers) (Paperback)

    Sam Hutchinson

    From playful puffins and posturing peacocks to fanciful flamingos and majestic macaws, the eye-catching birds in this book are waiting for you to bring them to life. The birds in this book are bright and colourful. Follow the colouring guides and use the additional techniques to create winged works of art. Each page includes facts and figures about the featured bird along with a distribution map so that you will know where to find them in the wild.
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    Animal Camouflage (Hardback)

    Sam Hutchinson

    In a world where majestic creatures soar, scutter, prance and pounce through their beautiful natural habitats, astounding discoveries and fascinating facts are just around the corner. Or in the case of this stunningly designed book, just over the page! Sarah Dennis' incredible cut-paper style illustrations bring seven wondrous regions of the world to life, giving you the opportunity to become intrepid explorers as you uncover the native animals hiding in the tree-lined jungles, animated deserts and watery depths of these exciting illustrated scenes.
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