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    Chicken is popular in every cuisine throughout the world. Rich in protein, nutritious and naturally low in fat, it is also a healthy mealtime choice. This book brings together over 400 classic and original chicken recipes from around the globe, celebrating the best of the world's cuisine with irresistible dishes that are sure to tempt your palate and inspire your menu choices. If you are entertaining on a grand scale, monitoring your diet or simply want to feed a hungry family economically, this book will have a recipe to suit every occasion. Each recipe is illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions and there are over 1600 step-by-step photographs.
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    This title features over 30 beautiful and easy-to-follow decorative projects for all types of china, with practical ideas for both the house and garden. It is illustrated with over 300 pictures and detailed photographs of the finished results so that you can see exactly what you are aiming to achieve. You can learn how to transform plain fruit bowls, plates, jars, lamp bases, vases, pots, tiles and many other items with stunning and cheerful motifs. Projects include a Seashore Bathroom Set, Autumn Leaf Coffee Pot, Rosebud Tiles, Spiral Lamp Stand and a Mosaic Garden Table. It requires no previous experience or craft expertise. This delightful book shows how you can add vibrancy and interest to ceramics around the home, and transform them into beautiful objects that complement the rest of your decor. Painting ceramics is fun and easy to learn. The book is split into three main sections: Decorating Ceramics; Decorating Tiles; and Ceramic Mosaic. Each section begins by listing the materials and equipment needed, as well as step-by-step instructions to the basic techniques.Templates for all designs featured in this book are included at the back of the book, which can either be copied as they are, or used as a starting point for your own designs. There are more than 30 projects in total, from Sunflower Vase and Sponged Snowflake Plate through to Plant Pots and Arched Mirror. With step-by-step instructions throughout and 300 inspirational photographs, this creative sourcebook will provide a wealth of ideas for craft enthusiasts of all abilities.
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    This title features hundreds of beautiful things to make, plus home decorating ideas, all shown step-by-step with 1750 stunning photographs. It includes practical and decorative frame-making, dyeing and painting fabric, silk painting, batik, beadwork, ribbonwork, making ornaments, mosaics, tinwork, decorative wirecraft, and painting glass, ceramics and tiles. It includes projects for all skill levels: from mosaic plant pots and a twisted wire herb pot holder for complete beginners, to a punched metal number plaque and a batik book cover for those with more craft experience. It includes easy instructions and a photograph of each finished item. Here is the ultimate inspirational book for all craft enthusiasts. It is packed with 200 unique and attractive projects to make, and features a wide range of craft skills, including decorative techniques for painting and embellishing fabric, making accessories, decorative tin and wirework, traditional picture framing, mosaics and making three-dimensional glass objects. There are old-fashioned toasting forks, beaded bracelets and tiled splashbacks, as well as contemporary mosaic tables, dyed fabrics, painted perfume bottles and delicate wire and metal projects. The book is a wonderful treasure trove of ideas, and a must for every craftsperson.