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  • Spice Trip

    Stevie Parle

    Product Code: AFJUS
    This title is a lavishly produced cook book with over 100 easy and delicious recipes from the new stars of Channel 4, Stevie Parle and Emma Grazette. Stevie and Emma are travelling the world discovering the keys to six essential spices and this book will feature the best recipes, therapies and mementoes from their trip. Spicy doesn't have to mean hot. While there are a few recipes to throw up a challenge to the hardiest of chilli fans, these spice-infused recipes appeal to all tastes, with some hot, some sweet and some subtle dishes that are all special. Recipes are as varied as sweet Coconut and Pepper Salad, smoky Chilli Pulled Pork, zingy Orange and Clove Tart and crispy Cumin Biscuits. And the therapeutic properties of each spice will be explored in detail, with recipes for therapies including a chilli hangover cure, a black pepper sugar scrub and a natural clove mouthwash. Spices featured: Cumin in Turkey; Chillies in Mexico; Cloves in Zanzibar; Cinnamon in India; Black pepper in Cambodia; Nutmeg and mace in Grenada. "Spice Trip" will demystify spices and show how easy it is to use them in the kitchen to liven up even the simplest dishes. Our aim is for everyone in Britain to feel confident using spices to turn their everyday meals into something extraordinary.
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