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  • I Like Birds

    Stuart Cox

    Product Code: ILBD
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    Take flight with our feathered friends!

    I Like Birds is an eye-catching and informative book for nature lovers of all ages. It explores the history and habits of 60 of Britain's most popular birds with the illustrated profiles offering up facts and stats about their lifestyles, behaviour, diets and birdsong. You'll also get to learn the collective noun for each bird (a banditry of blue tits; bazaar of peregrine falcons!) and its old names.

    There are lively anecdotes from birdwatching experts, binocular basics and an egg-opedia for you to examine. Whether you want to welcome more birds into your garden or are looking to admire birds in their natural habitat from further afield, there is so much information to behold in Stuart Cox's book. The graphic illustrations are a tweet!
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