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  • Tom Kitchin's Fish and Shellfish - Hardback - 9781472937834 - Tom Kitchin
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    Tom Kitchin showcases the best seafood recipes from his Edinburgh gastropub The Scran and Scallie in this fantastically foodie cookbook.

    Among the treats on offer are grilled lobster, salt cod fritters, poached langoustines with aioli, crab and pea soup, braised squid risotto and Thai-style oysters.

    Each recipe is accompanied by mouth-watering photographs and there are also tips on how to best prepare various types of seafood. It also has a quick and easy guide to grilling, poaching, frying, curing and roasting fish.
  • Tom Kitchin's Meat and Game - Hardback - 9781472937803 - Tom Kitchin
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    Now established as one of the nation's favourite chefs, Tom Kitchin shares his passion for meat and game in this mouth-watering cookbook.

    The game recipes make use of the likes of venison, partridge, pheasant, grouse, rabbit hare and all things wild and adds them to roast, pasta dishes, terrines, soups and pies, while the meat ones include roasts with all the trimmings and smoked ham hocks with hot pineapple salsa.

    Tom also adds some new and contemporary twists on much-loved classic meat dishes.
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    Scotland's hottest chef takes us into his home kitchen to show just how accessible, inexpensive and uncomplicated gourmet food can be. Tom draws on his experienceof home cooking to provide a superb collection of recipes for time-pressured cooks that makes the most of fresh, seasonal food. From one-pan wonders and meals that can be put together in half-an-hour, to intensely flavoured braises that can be assembled in next to no time and left alone to cook, there are brilliant ideas for easy midweek meals. These are recipes that have been created specifically for the home kitchen, not dishes adapted and compromised from a chef's restaurant. Shoppingfor them is easy, techniques are straightforward and they are fun to cook. Tom also offers readers his 'Kitchin Secrets' covering a host of topics, including sourcing the best ingredients, preparing ahead, getting the timing right, and balancing the flavoursin a dish. This beautifully illustrated, contemporary cookbook will appeal to a wide audience, not least Tom's many fans from his engaging television appearances.