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Books by Xia Jiajia

  • Logo Talks

    Xia Jiajia

    Product Code: AULJT
    Split into two parts, the book covers 'Case Studies', emphasising the ideas and concepts behind the final design, and the 'Gallery', which showcases a wealth of contemporary design solutions from design studios all around the world. Logo Talks IV offers an incredibly diverse collection of visual trademarks, enabling instant communication between consumers and businesses, creating a unique impact through easily identifiable pictorial representation. In a visual world, logos convey ideas without the need for words; imprinting themselves simply in a rapidly changing, corporate environment where branding is key. This collection has been meticulously selected and offers more than 1,000 logo design projects from around the world and showcases their practical and diverse applications.
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  • Applied Typeface

    Xia Jiajia

    Product Code: AOPNO
    Readers can find that in the creating process, the designers fully consider the characteristics of the product itself, and pay attention to coordinating the relationship between its font and the other design elements. The font design works are all fluid, cool, fresh, refined and beautiful. They have multiple forms and multiple colours. With a strong visual impact the design of a particular font can bring endless charm.
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