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Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls was born on 7 June, 1974 in Donaghdee, Northern Ireland and first came to prominence with his Born Survivor TV series. The adventurer is the star of some of the most-watched TV shows of recent years, with many reaching over 1.2 billion viewers in over 200 countries.

Bear has completed many expeditions including climbing to the summit of Mount Everest, circumnavigating the British Isles on a jet ski and crossing the North Atlantic sea on an inflatable boat. A BAFTA award winner and an Ambassador of the Prince's Trust, he was also appointed the youngest ever Chief Scout.

Bear Grylls Books

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    Embark on an amazing adventure with Bear Grylls to explore the great outdoors. Learn how to prepare for the outdoors in summer, how to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips from Bear.
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    Discover some of Planet's Earth's most extreme environments with Bear Grylls. Learn how to survive in deserts, rainforests, mountains, polar areas, and the vast, blue ocean. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips from Bear.
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    In 1996, a twenty-three-year-old soldier in the British Army was flying over an African desert on a routine parachute jump. He had a lot to look forward to-a long career ahead of him in the army, a beautiful girlfriend back home. But those dreams were cut short when his parachute failed to open at eleven thousand feet. He had cracked three vertebrae and come within a fraction of severing his spinal cord. A grueling eight months of physical therapy followed. Bear had to retrain his muscles to do all of the things we take for granted-how to sit, stand, walk, even breathe. Eighteen months after his accident he overcame incredible odds to reach the peak of Everest. THE KID WHO CLIMBED EVEREST is a tale of courage and determination. Bear's quest for funding for his expedition, his seventy days on Everest's southeast face, and a narrow brush with death after a fall into a crevasse at nineteen thousand feet, make the story an essential read for anyone who's ever had a dream and made it come true.
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    A prehistoric corpse entombed within an Arctic glacier, crying tears of blood. A jungle island overrun by rabid primates - escapees from a research laboratory's Hot Zone. A massive seaplane hidden beneath a mountain, packed with a Nazi cargo of mind-blowing evil. A penniless orphan kidnapped from an African slum, holding the key to the world's survival. Four terrifying journeys. One impossible path. Only one man to attempt it. Will Jaeger. The Hunter.