Book Points

What are Book Points?

Book Points are Book People's way of rewarding our loyal customers. Earn Book Points on every book you buy from us, then redeem them for free books! Find out more in our Book Points section.

How do I collect Book Points?

Whenever you place an order with Book People online, on the phone or by post, any Book Points you have earned are automatically added to your account. However, you cannot earn Book Points on sale items or items featured in the Clearance category.

How do I know how many Book Points I have?

View your Book Points at any time by signing in to your account and going to the ‘Account Summary’ page. This figure will include points held on your account and any earned on books you have added to the basket.

How do I buy books using my Book Points?

When you have earned enough Book Points, simply click on the ‘Spend Book Points’ button on a book’s details page and claim your item for free. It will automatically be added to your order. Book Points cannot be redeemed on sale items or with selected promotions.

Which books can I get free using my Book Points?

When browsing the site, view the full description of a book to see the number of Book Points required to claim it for free.

How many Book Points do I need to get a free book?

Please see our UK Book Points values table below.

What happens to my Book Points if I haven't placed an order in a long time?

If you are an existing customer but you haven't ordered from us in the past 24 months, your Book Points balance will be cancelled and will remain at zero until you place another order with Book People, when you will start to earn Points again as normal.

Any Book Points not redeemed when you place your order will automatically be stored against your account for use at a later date.

I am an international customer. Can I earn Book Points?

Yes, you can earn and spend Book Points.

Book Points Terms & Conditions

A Book Points balance will return to zero if no orders are made or points used for 24 months. You may only purchase one item per order using Book Points. Sale items and some promotional items are not available to purchase using Book Points. The maximum Book Points available on any book is 20. We retain the right to amend Book Point values at any time. Book Points cannot be earned or spent on any book featured in our Clearance category.

UK Book Points Values
Points Collected Choose free book worth up to
200 £2.99
250 £3.99
300 £4.99
The following are available online only:
350 £5.99
400 £6.99
450 £7.99
500 £8.99
550 £9.99