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It’s quick and easy to register an online account with Book People. Simply follow the sign in/register link at the top of every page and enter your email address into the relevant box to begin the registration process.

New Customers

Follow the sign in/register then enter your email address into the box provided and press ‘Continue to registration’. Then simply complete the form (remember to save time by entering your postcode into the box provided and clicking on the ‘Find address’ button – we can then find your address and fill it in for you!). Once you have filled in your details click ‘Continue’, then your registration is complete and you will be taken to your Book People account! Next time you visit the website you can sign in using the email address and password you have provided.

Tips on choosing and protecting your password

It is a good idea to choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but is not too personal to you or easy to guess. A good way of doing this is to choose a word and then replace one or more of the letters with numbers – e.g. password becomes pa55w0rd. If you think that someone might know your password, change it as soon as possible.

See our Privacy Policy for information on how we store and use your details.