FAQs from Schools

My school has an offline account. Can I still sign up for the School Fundraising Scheme?

All schools need to have an online account to be eligible for the School Fundraising Scheme.

My school already has an online account. Why can’t I sign up for the School Fundraising Scheme?

Standard online personal accounts are not eligible for the School Fundraising Scheme, even if they are used by a teacher or bursar. Please register for a schools online account on our web site so that we can confirm you as a school customer.

My school places orders through a shared account (e.g. a County Council). Will I be able to sign up for the School Fundraising Scheme?

Sadly, not at this stage. If needed, your school can create an online credit account solely for earning School Commission. This account can then be used to spend your School Commission.

Why have the prices of some of the books featured in the catalogue changed?

Some of our books prove so popular that they go out of stock quicker than expected. We will do our utmost to offer further stock at the same unbelievable price but on occasions this may not be possible. You may see a price fluctuate as we work on securing the best deal for your school.

What is School Commission?

Every time a parent places an order using your school’s bespoke Fundraising Code, your school will be rewarded with 10% commission on the value of their order (excluding VAT) that you can spend on books (highlighted with the hand-picked favourites star logo) to make your budget go further. There is no limit on the amount schools can earn. The more parents shop with Book People, the more your school will earn!

My school has different accounts for each of its departments. Can I share the School Commission between them?

Unfortunately not. Each school account is stand-alone and we are currently unable to split School Commission between multiple accounts.

How does my school choose an offer for our parents?

Book People will provide your school with a selection of exclusive offers to choose from, all of which will provide parents with unbelievable value. Select which one is best suited to your school and we will do our utmost to ensure that the promotion is available to parents when they come to place their order using the Fundraising Code. Please note that on some occasions, certain products may go out of stock due to high demand. In this instance, a replacement of equivalent value will be offered as an alternative. Also, parents don’t have to order from the promotion selected to still earn School Commission for your school.

How many Fundraising Codes will our school be allowed to distribute to parents? Can this Fundraising Code be reused?

Each school will receive one unique Fundraising Code to share between parents. This Fundraising Code can be applied to one order only by each parent.

My school has already chosen an exclusive offer for parents but would like to amend it to a different one. Is this possible?

Sorry, this is not possible. When a school chooses its exclusive offer, we are unable to amend it until it has expired. When your offer has expired, a new choice of offers will be available in its place.

Where can I find my School Commission balance?

Please log into your account and view the Fundraising tab. Here you’ll find your School Commission balance, including the total value you have earned and how much you have spent.

A parent recently placed an order, but the School Commission balance has not changed. Why is this?

It takes us 30 days to apply School Commission to your account, as we need to ensure that orders will not be cancelled or returned. If a parent requests a replacement, this item will not earn School Commission as it is a separate order with a balance of zero.

Will I lose my School Commission if a parent who has used a Fundraising Code returns their books and requests a refund after the School Commission have been applied?

School Commission will not be credited to your account until after the Returns period has passed.

Will my school earn School Commission for every order a parent places?

School Commission will only be applied to orders made with a Fundraising Code via www.thebookpeople.co.uk/school-fundraising

How long will it take for School Commission to be credited to my account?

School Commission will be credited after the Returns period of 30 days has expired.

Will my School Commission expire?

All School Commission must be redeemed within 15 months of them being earned.

Why can’t I see School Commission as a payment option?

School Commission will only show up as a payment option if a) your school has signed up to the School Fundraising Scheme and b) your school has a positive School Commission rewards balance. School Commission can only be redeemed against products highlighted with the hand-picked favourites star logo.

My school does not have enough School Commission to pay for my entire order. How do I pay for the rest?

If you are using your School Commission to partially pay for an order, you can use all the usual payment methods (including Credit) to pay for the remainder.

My school prefers to place orders offline. Will I be able to pay with School Commission over the phone?

Sorry, not at this time.

The value of School Commission in my account has gone down. Do you know why this is?

Please check your recent orders to see if you have recently spent them.

I want to merge my online and offline accounts. Will I lose my School Commission?

All School Commission will remain with online accounts when merged. If you are keeping your online account, there is no need to worry. If you are keeping your offline account, your school will lose its School Commission. We highly recommend you spend the School Commission before merging your online account into your offline account.

FAQs for parents about the School Fundraising Scheme

How does the School Fundraising Scheme work?

As part of our School Fundraising Scheme, schools will receive School Commission to buy more books online for their classrooms and libraries every time a parent or guardian shops online with Book People using a special Fundraising Code.

Every school that registers to be part of our School Fundraising Scheme will be sent a fundraising code to send over to parents and guardians of the children at their schools. The parents and guardians can then share the Fundraising Code with friends and family. When an order is placed using the Fundraising Code, the school will receive 10% of the total order value (excluding VAT and P&P) in the form of School Commission. The school can then use these School Commission to buy books.

What are the benefits of the School Fundraising Scheme?

Book People’s School Fundraising Scheme is our way of helping parents raise valuable funds for schools to spend on books to make their budget go further. When you shop via our School Fundraising page – www.thebookpeople.co.uk/school-fundraising – and enter the school’s unique Fundraising Code, your children’s school will receive 10% commission (excluding VAT and P&P) to spend on books highlighted with the hand-picked favourites star logo and make their school budget go further.

As a parent, you will also be able to save even more money by taking advantage of exclusive offers that have been hand-picked by the school.

Please note that although you can share the Fundraising Code with friends and family, it can only be applied to one order per parent’s account.

How do I use a Fundraising Code?

Please ensure you are entering the Fundraising Code exactly as it appears on the promotional material when you visit our School Fundraising page – www.thebookpeople.co.uk/school-fundraising. Fundraising Codes are only accepted on this page.

Most Fundraising Codes will be advertised with an expiry date so please ensure that the code is valid. Fundraising Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Can I share the Fundraising Code with a friend?

Yes, please feel free to share the Fundraising Code but make sure anyone you give it to understands it is only applicable on orders made through www.thebookpeople.co.uk/school-fundraising

Can I use the Fundraising Code more than once?

Unfortunately not. Please note that although you can share the Fundraising Code with friends and family, it can only be applied to one order per parent’s account.

I have two children at different schools. Is there any way both schools can gain School Commission from my order?

Unfortunately not from just one order. If you enter two different Fundraising Codes on one order, only the school with the Fundraising Code that you entered last would earn School Commission.

I am having a problem with my order and would prefer to place it over the phone. Is this possible?

Sorry, all Fundraising Codes only work online. Please visit www.thebookpeople.co.uk/school-fundraising to place your order.

Will my children’s school be able to see who has earned their School Commission?

No, all order data will remain anonymous.