A Place of Greater Safety (Paperback)

Hilary Mantel


An extraordinary and brilliant work of historical imagination -- this is Mantel's epic novel of the French Revolution. A spellbinding novel which recounts the events between the fall of the Ancient Regime and the peak of the Terror, as seen through the eyes of the French Revolution's three protagonists -- Georges-Jacques Danton, Maximilien Robespierre and Camille Desmoulins, men whose mix of ambition, idealism, and ego helped unleash the darker side of the Revolution's ideals and brought them eventually to their own tragic ends. Critically acclaimed upon first publication, 'A Place of Greater Safety' is one of Mantel's most celebrated works of fiction.

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  • Product code: AABNT
  • ISBN: 9780007250554
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 19.7cm x 12.8cm
  • Pages: 880
  • Publish date: 05/03/2007

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"A novel with impact" -

It took me 4 weeks to read this book (it is almost 900 pages long), and during this time came to feel I knew the 3 main protagonists, their families, friends and enemies. But who is your friend and who is your enemy? I learnt a great deal about the French Revolution; not just the intriguing national and international politics, but what life was like for all sections of society. The reader feels the hope, fear, and absolute terror during the years of revolution and The Terror. It is a novel with impact, and has left me wanting to read more by Hilary Mantel.

Deborah , 28/06/2011

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