Spyology (Hardback)

Dugald Steer

6 years +

Agent K took on a mission to foil the criminal gang CODEX. The mission succeeded, but Agent K was believed to have perished in the process. Six months later, the personal notes of Agent K mysteriously arrived at the MI6 headquarters. This text contains these personal notes, as well as a training guide to international espionage.

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  • Product code: ABFIC
  • ISBN: 9781840118612
  • Publisher: Templar Publishing
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 31.2cm x 28.4cm
  • Pages: 15
  • Publish date: 31/10/2008

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"Spyology" -

My 9 year old son absolutely loves this having got it for Christmas. It's full of envelopes, codes and things to look at using your removable red spy glass and information. He did need a bit of help to work out the cypher at the back of the book but is now far better at it than me. It does expect quite a lot of a child on their own (the cypher is pretty crucial and is at the back with its own instructions there) but otherwise great - especially at this price. Also be warned that the morse code in each section contains a few mistakes (I think a letter or two is missing from the second row of each code). But really fantastic for any "scientific boy" wanting something a bit different from the usual experiments and science books.

Anne , 02/01/2011

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