The Skeleton in the Closet (Paperback)

MC Beaton


Ignorance is bliss...especially when it comes to murder! Ever since the death of his father, Fellworth Dolphin has slaved away as a waiter to support his miserly, cold-hearted mother. So when she suddenly dies Fellworth is shocked to discover she has left him a fortune. Somewhat confused, Fell teams up with a girl from work, Maggie, to investigate the source of the riches. But what they find instead is a closet full of skeletons...Is it really possible Fell's father was involved in a decades-old train robbery? And who is the mysterious woman in the portrait hidden in his mother's wardrobe? As Fell and Maggie poke around the village for answers they find themselves on a surprise-filled path to danger and adventure - but all this good fortune could come to a sudden end if they don't stay one step ahead of a cunning killer...

Product Details

  • Product code: ABSHZ
  • ISBN: 9781849016087
  • Publisher: Constable and Robinson
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 18.0cm x 11.1cm
  • Pages: 208
  • Publish date: Thu Jun 23 00:00:00 BST 2011

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A fun light read -

I was new to MC Beaton when I read this book and I laughed from start to finish. A thoroughly enjoyable read. When I need something light and diverting, she will always be on my list.

Fran22 , Sun Jul 26 11:44:59 BST 2015

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