Skulduggery Pleasant (Paperback)

Derek Landy

11 years +

Skulduggery Pleasant is the first volume in Derek Landy's series about a skeleton detective and his assistant, 12-year-old Stephanie Valkyrie.

Stephanie's uncle Gordon is a writer of horror fiction. But when he dies and leaves her his estate, Stephanie learns that while he may have written horror, it certainly wasn't fiction. Pursued by evil forces intent on recovering a mysterious key, Stephanie finds help from an unusual source - the wisecracking skeleton of a dead wizard. Will evil win the day? Will Stephanie and Skulduggery stop bickering long enough to stop it? One thing's for sure: evil won't know what's hit it.

Winner of the Red House Children's Book Award, Landy mixes up magic, fantasy and adventure and tops them off with sparky dialogue and lots of jokes. A perfect choice for readers aged 11+ who are waiting to get sucked into a book they can't put down!

Skulduggery Pleasant is part of the Accelerated Reader Scheme
  •   AR Interest level: Middle Years
  •   AR Book level: 4.9

Product Details

  • Product code: KGY2
  • ISBN: 9780007241620
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 19.7cm x 12.8cm
  • Pages: 398
  • Publish date: 13/10/2007

Red House Reader Review

Reader review: Skulduggery Pleasant - Paperback - 9780007241620
Joe Bruton
Red House Reviewer

When Stephanie Edgley finds out there's magic in her world, her whole life gets tipped upside down. It all starts when murderous villain, 'Serpine', makes an attempt on her life in search of a God Killer the 'Sceptre'. Skulduggery Pleasant saves the day just in time in time and Stephanie forces him to take her on as his partner. Many challenges stand in her way: choosing a new name; learning magic and defeating a herd of evil 'hollow men'! What name will she choose, can she conquer magic and will Serpine and the Sceptre be the last things she ever sees? Read this book to find out. This is without a doubt the best book I have ever read. It was so good that I just couldn't put it down: I read it on the bus to school, crossing the road (very dangerous – not advisable!) and even on the loo! It was so good that as soon as I finished it, I immediately had to read the whole series. When I came to the end of the unforgettable 613-page series-ender, I was sadder about finishing the series than I've ever been about anything before. The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are still stuck in my mind. Skulduggery Pleasant is the funniest character ever and Stephanie is the cherry on the cake. If you like a mixture of Department 19 and How to Train Your Dragon then you're certain to fall deep in love with this absolutely memorable book! I rate this book a big fat juicy 5 out of 5 for being the funniest, memorable, brilliant book I've ever read!

Reader review: Skulduggery Pleasant - Paperback - 9780007241620
Joshua Wood
Red House Reviewer

Who's the strange character in the snappy suit, a magical air about him... oh, and is a skeleton? Stephanie first saw Skulduggery Pleasant after her uncle died and some nasty people tried to kill her. Skulduggery comes to her aid and uses his magic to help her keep away from the evil Serpine. Serpine not only wants to kill her but also is on the trail of the Sceptre of the Ancients, which he plans to use to bring a host of long-dead evil wizards to life so he can be all-conquering. Stephanie and Skulduggery try to outwit him and foil his plans - but what is Stephanie's strange past, and will it help them succeed?A great fantastical mystery adventure, which really sets you up to read the following books in the series.

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Amazing! -

Can't put it down! This collection is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy to have read it after many years of being the only one in my family that hasn't begun the collection. Well worth the purchase, plus the price is a steal.

Vic , 17/01/2018

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Good -

I like to read all his books and this one is the best one yet, compared to the rest of his books.

andy , 30/05/2016

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