Cake (Hardback)

Rachel Allen


Whether it's classic cakes, tiered cakes or small cakes, free-from cakes or wedding and birthday cakes Rachel has the perfect, foolproof recipe. Rachel Allen knows home baking. It's her fail-safe recipes, with easy-to-follow methods, thoughtful tips and advice that have been helping her readers over the years to make the most gorgeous cakes and bakes that work every time. Sponges, muffins, brownies, pop cakes, cheesecakes, tortes, pudding cakes, whether they are indulgent or healthy(ish), chocolaty, nutty or fruity, sweet or savoury, or gluten-free, you'll find them all in this ultimate cake bible. Try classics such as Victoria Sponge and Carrot Cake, new bakes like Beetroot Brownies or White Chocolate and Macadamia cake, festive treats such as Caramel Yule Log or a St Patrick's Day Guinness Cake as well as every day cakes like Raspberry Bakewell Cake or Butterscotch Banana Cake. Cake for grown-ups such as the Orange Cake with Campari Icing or children's party favourite Cake Pops. Cakes for when you have no time as well as more adventurous wedding and birthday cakes. Rachel will show you how to bake and decorate simple special occasion cakes, then give additional instruction for making it special - or even of professional quality. Whether it is a golden anniversary, wedding or 4th birthday party, you'll never have to buy a cake again. In this comprehensive collection you'll find a mix of delicious easy and everyday cakes, teatime treats, classics, festive baking, hearty puddings and even some free-from and healthier cakes. And when you've finished baking, Rachel will show you the best tips and tricks for decorating and icing. The wait is over! Enjoy more baking from Rachel Allen in Cake.

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  • Product code: AGJQG
  • ISBN: 9780007309054
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 25.4cm x 19.2cm
  • Pages: 352
  • Publish date: Thu Aug 30 00:00:00 BST 2012

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A book full of deliciousness -

Bought this book just before Christmas as it was one of the few books that I had seen which was full of just cake recipes. Lots of classics with a twist and a few new ones. My New Year's Resolution was to bake at least one cake a week rather than buy all the pre-processed rubbish, I've been true to my word and then some, the recipes are easy to follow, the ingredients in the main are readily available and I've been very pleased with the results, steer clear of the peanut butter and choc brownies though, I think there is a typing error with the sugar quantity and it was vile, but 99% of the recipes are great and i would recommend it thoroughly.

kerry , Thu Feb 14 17:31:14 GMT 2013

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Easy baking -

Recently purchased Rachel's book and have tried several of the recipes which were a great success. Love the fact that I can try some of the recipes without buying lots of expensive ingredients. Made a cake out of ground almonds and dates the other day, absolutely delicious. Well worth a try.

didi , Sun Oct 28 21:45:16 GMT 2012

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