Horrid Henry's Monster Movie (Paperback)

Francesca Simon


Written by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross, Horrid Henry's Monster Movie contains four stories in which Horrid Henry makes his own scary movie, The Undead Demon Monster Who Would Not Die, persuades Peter to hand over his stash of Grump Cards (as a brilliant scheme to get him out of the punishments his parents give him) and spends a weekend at Aunt Ruby's where he has to share a bedroom with his two arch-enemies, Stuck-Up Steve and Bossy Bill.

Then when Henry's school decides to have a mini-Olympics, he sets up his own Holympics, with medals for crisp-eating, TV watching, and Burping to the Beat.

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  • Product code: AKLCN
  • ISBN: 9781444000153
  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 13.1cm x 19.7cm
  • Pages: 112
  • Publish date: Thu May 24 00:00:00 BST 2012
  • Book points: 4

Red House Reader Review

Reader review: Horrid Henry's Monster Movie - Paperback - 9781444000153
Sofia Aumonier
Red House Reviewer

There were four stories all about Henry's mischief. I wish there were more as I loved them. His brother Peter was always perfect and Henry always ended up saying sorry in the end! The book was easy to read and made me laugh a lot. I like reading about Henry being horrid he is unbelievably naughty. The pictures were simple, black and white and helped me see the story in my head. My favourite story in the book was The Monster Movie as it made me think about making my own! I would read lots more of these books and would rate it 4/5.

Reader review: Horrid Henry's Monster Movie - Paperback - 9781444000153
Daniel Pate
Red House Reviewer

This book has four separate stories where Henry makes a monster movie, has a rotten weekend, steals some grump cards and holds his own Olympics. But things don't go entirely to Henry's plan as he seems to cause chaos wherever he goes! I liked this book because it is really funny and all the illustrations by Tony Ross are great too. The book is quite short, but it is still fun to read, and I think the book is amazing. I'd give this book 4/5 because I still like the storyline, but it's a bit easy for me so I think the age category would be 5-7.

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Ooh... shiny! -

The monster camera on the front cover is shiny. Ooh...

Niall , Mon Jun 03 18:41:47 BST 2013

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