My First Chess Book (Paperback)

Jessica E. Prescott

7 years +

Anyone can play chess; it's easy when you know how to. With My First Chess Book, little ones aged 7 and above (and even adults who are looking for a light and accessible intro to the world's most popular board game) can learn to master the techniques, become a chess master and even give the adults a run for their money.

Unlike many children's chess guides, My First Chess Book isn't just a textbook covering the rules of the game, it is a fun-filled book packed with 35 activities to help them improve their skills using terminology and concepts that young minds can relate to.

From Pawn Football (pawns line up at their starting rank and race to the other side) to the Queen Dance (make a checkmate using only a queen and king), each of the activities have clear, colourful artworks so you can see exactly where pieces should be on the chess board. There are also helpful hints and tips featured throughout as well!

Product Details

  • Product code: MFCH
  • ISBN: 9781782491576
  • Publisher: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 27.6cm x 20.9cm
  • Pages: 128
  • Publish date: Thu Jul 10 00:00:00 BST 2014
  • Book points: 3

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Brilliant -

Got this for my son's 6th birthday. He reads well and he has suddenly become chess mad although I think he is far too young to properly understand the game, I don't want to stop him from trying!. So I thought this would be a nice little book for his birthday.

He LOVES it. He sits there reading the text and taking it all in. The illustrations are attractive, although the text is not light, it is perfect for him.

The book not only has tactics but also introduces a few very easy games to play with the chess board and pieces to get you used to the movements at an easier level.

Perfect book for children aged 7 and over, I would say.

Catvet , Mon Mar 21 06:37:28 GMT 2016

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9 of 9 people found this helpful. Did you?    Yes | No

9 of 9 people found this helpful. Did you?