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Project X Alien Adventures: Series 1 Collection - 31 Books (Collection)

Project X Alien Adventures: Series 1 Collection - 31 Books - 9780192739841

- (62) 6 years +
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Packed with fantastic artwork and ideal for preparing Year 2 schoolchildren aged 6 and above as they look to tackle their very first chapter books, our Project X Alien Adventures Collection is full of fun stories, activities and facts that will help young readers build their confidence in reading at Oxford Reading Level 7 and then progress right through to Level 11.

Badlaw and his army of robotic Krools are taking over Planet Exis. Now Exis's only chance for freedom is for Nok and micro-friends Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger to save the day, free Exis from Badlaw and save Nok's parents, too!

Gripping and sure to have even the most reluctant reader wanting to turn the pages and read on, this huge collection of 31 books is specially written by the creators of the Oxford Reading Tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) to encourage children to enjoy reading independently.

This 31-book collection covers Oxford Reading Tree Levels 7 to 11 (book bands Turquoise, Purple, Gold, White and Lime). It is suitable for children in Year 2/P3.

Please note the books in this collection vary in size. The dimensions stated are for the wallet that the books are presented in.
Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (31)

  • Ant's Pact
  • The Sands of Akwa
  • Holo-board Havoc
  • The Trap
  • The Secret Whirlpool
  • Race to the Pyramid
  • The Screams of the Raptiss
  • One Step Ahead
  • Chamber of Treasures
  • Space Hunt
  • The Deadly Cave
  • Grumptus Attack
  • Return to Exis
  • The Mines of Moxor
  • The Contest
  • Planet Exis
  • Attack of the Buzzles
  • Battle with the Beast
  • The Empty Palace
  • Nurp Stampede
  • Alien Adventures - Fact File
  • The Crystal Planet
  • Tiger x 4
  • The Ruby Cage
  • The Hunt for Nok
  • Attack of the Giant Meeb
  • Fear Forest
  • Swamp Crash
  • Spaceship Graveyard
  • Save the World!
  • The Cave of Life
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Product Details

  • Product code: PXAA
  • ISBN: 9780192739841
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 21.8cm x 33.0cm
  • Pages: Varies

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Very impressed -

Wow, they really did make a difference! My son was behind reluctant to read until he became fully immersed in these. Engaging pictures really bring the stories to life while, rather 'sneakily', they build up the word count as each book goes on.

, 02/06/2019

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Great -

My daughter moved to the UK from Indonesia so understandably her level of reading English was lower than the standard here.

We had been struggling to get her interested in reading even though we bought her a lot of different books. A lot of books were above her capability and she didn't seem interested in the stories because she didn't understand them.

But this series has changed everything. Ahe loves the format, the storylines, the pictures and she's looking forward to reading each next book. The level is just right as she can read most the of the books herself with every book bringing about 10 new words for her to learn.

crpcarrot, 29/04/2019

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Exciting books -

These books are fantastic. I'm so happy and they are fun to read. I can read them all by myself. Blake, 6 years old.

Blake, 12/04/2019

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Both my sons love these -

These are brilliant books. For both my sons these books have really encouraged them to read to stretch their own reading ability. My eldest used to sit reading book after book and now my youngest does the same. My youngest (5) is on turquoise level at school but in a short space of time has become confident reading even the grey level books on these (my sister is a teacher and she is amazed how fast he has progressed). My children love them.

Jen, 19/02/2019

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Active stories -

Great adventures that follow on from the earlier books. Bedtime stories and for an independent read when they get a bit bigger. Suitable for all 5+.

Zozo, 02/03/2018

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  • Our price £17.99
  • RRP £154.90
  • Save £136.91