Deliciously Ella (Hardback)

Ella Mills


Ella Mills (maiden name Woodward), the author of food blog Deliciously Ella, reveals more than 100 of her favourite natural, plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free recipes in this gorgeous cookbook!

Using 'awesome ingredients and incredible food that you and your body will love', the healthy-living book has ideas for everything from delicious dips to delectable desserts and much more besides. It's all about the power and great taste of natural foods - food that tastes and makes you feel amazing!

With simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, among the healthy highlights featured in the book are Ella's favourite Mexican Quinoa Bowl, Superfood Bread, Marinated Kale Salad and Key Lime Pie. There are even suggestions for which recipes to use for everything from dinner parties to picnics!

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  • Product code: AMYEB
  • ISBN: 9781444795004
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 17.9cm x 24.2cm
  • Pages: 256
  • Publish date: 29/01/2015

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Deliciously Ella -

I couldn't have been more disappointed by this book, everything seems to use the same few ingredients - tahini and tamari featuring heavily and everything tasting the same as a result. Having bought the expensive ingredients for the chia and cacao cookies the first batch were inedible so the rest of the mix went in the bin, followed the book.

Charity , 22/03/2015

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Deliciously Ella -

This review is based on one trial. I went through the book and got super excited about Classic Carrot Cake with caramel frosting. It took me two weeks to gather the ingredients and when I finally got them and made the cake, it was really quite disappointing! I even had to recheck the ingredients list to ensure I hadn't missed anything out! The cakes were stodgy, the frosting watery.It was anything but delicious and looked far different from the accompanying photo. I am trying to go sugar free and thought this might be a winner. Sadly, it wasn't. I'd be very interested to hear from others who have attempted this particular recipe.

L , 11/03/2015

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Mixed feelings -

I'm already gluten-free by necessity and a book that was also sugar-free, vegan and plant-based ticked boxes for me. However, whilst the book is definitely along the right lines, it has a lot of flaws. First I tried her Bolognese; my friends said it was better than meat. It just didn't work at all. It tasted like what it is: 500g of lentils stewed in tinned tomatoes. I added everything I could think of to get flavour before caving and adding meat and cheese. Next I tried her pesto and came against her very hit-and-miss measuring. Ella prefers the vague coffee cup but a standard mug is clearly not what she uses as it doesn't accord with the amounts also given in grams. It was okay, but again needed doctoring. Having now tried two indifferent recipes, I'm hesitating before investing in all the expensive ingredients essential to most of her recipes: coconut oil, medjool dates, chia seeds and coconut sugar. She uses these - plus maple syrup and nuts - in vast quantities, but as they're not easily available where I live; I'd need to buy in bulk online. I still like the premise of the book and I will try some of the other recipes, but cost is a big factor. This is a book written by a very young and rich woman whose life is wholly different from mine as a mother, who needs to feed four hungry boys on a budget.

Abbi , 27/02/2015

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