Big Cat Reading Lions Level 1-3 Collection - 18 Books (Collection)

5 years +

Developed by the experts at Collins, this bumper collection of Big Cat Reading Lions early readers books is ideal for introducing children aged 5 years and over to the wonderful world of reading and helping to support their reading development at home.

Covering reading levels 1-3, each one of the 18 books has been created with leading children's authors and illustrators - and carefully levelled by educational experts - to ensure that they are not only thoroughly entertaining, but perfectly pitched to aid progression and encourage them along their reading journey.

From first reading books through to books for reading with adult support, this collection of Big Cat Reading Lions books even includes both fiction and non-fiction books to make sure there is something to grab the interest of every child.

Please note the books in this collection cover the first three reading levels of the Collins Big Cat scheme:

Level 1 (First Reading) - Decoding simple, short sentences, practising limited, specific phonemes, with very few tricky words.

Level 2 (Practice Reading) - Applying decoding skills on longer sentences with new phonemes, direct speech with more tricky words.

Level 3 (Supported Reading) - Reading with adult support, longer, less illustrated texts, with paragraphs, literary language and distinctive characterisation.

Titles in this collection (1-10 of 18)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Firefly - John Agard, Grace Nichols and Satoshi Kitamura
  • We Are Not Fond of Rat! - Emma Chichester Clark
  • The Singing Beetle - Linda Strachan and Oliver Hurst
  • The Sun and the Moon - Paul Shipton
  • The Rainforest at Night - Nic Bishop
  • Sam and the Nut - Sheryl Webster and Giuditta Gaviraghi
  • Pond Food - John Townsend and Pamela Anzalotti
  • Pet Cat, Big Cat - Alison Hawes
  • Mountain Mona - Vivian French and Chris Fisher
  • How to be a Knight in 10 easy stages - Scoular Anderson

Product Details

  • Product code: BCRL
  • ISBN: 9780007949595
  • Publisher: Harper Colllins
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 21.8cm x 15.1cm
  • Pages: Varies

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Good but too large a difficulty range -

Like another reviewer I was initially confused by the levels. The Level 1 books in this set are appropriate for early readers. They seem to stretch from Level 1 ORT to around Level 3 (the first book at Level 1 has lots of CVC words and only a few tricky words, the final book at Level 1 has lots of sentences per page, quite a few tricky words and longer phonetic words).

The books that are Level 3, according to the Big Cat Phonics system, are more appropriate for a child that has been reading for a number of years already. It seems odd to have them in the same collection as it would take years to actually go from the first book to the last.

LauraAshy , 13/11/2016

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Great set but confusing levels -

Both myself and my 4-year-old really like this set of books. My daughter is very keen to read them, lovely pictures and easy to read stories.
However I am a bit confused about the levels on the books. It states that these are level 1-3 so I presumed they would be similar to the ORT set. However the levels don't compare and I searched Collins page for the actual titles and for example Chewie Hughie is marked as level 3, but as a seperate book it is marked as level 7 (turquoise).

It is still very good value, but if you are expecting all books to be simple for beginners it is not the case.

Lyndsey , 06/04/2016

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Thanks for your review

Hi, Following your feedback we have updated our description to include Collins' explanations of their various reading levels. We hope this helps you to understand what each different level will help your daughter achieve. Thanks, Ryan

Ryan, Book People, 06/04/2016

Very good -

Very good stories, my son loves to read them. The levels are well built. Absolutely recommended for 5+.

Zsiraf , 12/09/2015

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