Stroppy Stan & Other Stories - 5 Books (Collection)

3 years +

This picture book collection has stories that focus on various emotions, feelings and subjects that children will experience in their day-to-day lives.

There's a stroppy squirrel called Stan; a young giraffe is too shy for show and tell; a panda feels invisible; a little mouse is a big bully; and a squirrel gets rather stroppy.

Titles in this collection (5)
  • The Little Bully - Adam and Charlotte Guillain
  • Invisible Isabel - Adam and Charlotte Guillain
  • Eleanor Won't Share - Julie Gassman
  • Too Shy for Show and Tell - Beth Bracken
  • Stroppy Stan - Adam and Charlotte Guillain

Product Details

  • Product code: PF0085
  • ISBN: 9990000017089
  • Publisher: Curious Fox
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 25.5cm x 25.0cm
  • Pages: Varies

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Plenty to discuss -

Bought these for my grandson as I thought they were a good simple entry level to discussion about the emotions and situations that he will certainly have to contend with as he prepares to start school. He enjoyed the simple layout and followed the text with ease.

Shaz , 03/09/2018

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