Start Reading Collection - 52 Books (Collection)

3 years +

This collection contains 52 books that will help children on their way to becoming confident readers. Each book has been Book Banded (the system used in primary schools) and is suitable for children aged between 4 and 7.

The books will help children gain confidence and enjoy reading for pleasure. From castle mysteries to superhero exploits, the stories are illustrated and progress gradually as children become more fluent in reading.

Compiled in consultation with a literacy expert, these books will help children at the earliest reading levels. The Book Band levels covered in this collection are:

Level 1 Pink 4-5 years, Level 2 Red 4-5 years, Level 3 Yellow 4-5 years, Level 3 Yellow 5-6 years, Level 4 Blue 5-6 years, Level 5 Green 5-6 years, Level 6 Orange 5-6 years, Level 6 Orange 6-7 years, Level 7 Turquoise 6-7 years, Level 8 Purple 6-7 years, Level 9 Gold 6-7 years.

Titles in this collection (1-10 of 52)
  • Pip's Pets: Bad Dig, Digby!
  • Pip's Pets: Cat Nap
  • Pip's Pets: A New Pet
  • Pip's Pets: Where is Sid?
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Cousin
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Dad
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Mum
  • Me and My Family: Me and My Nan
  • Carlo's Circus: Bippo and Boppo
  • Carlo's Circus: Joey the Juggler

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  • Product code: SRDG
  • ISBN: 9781526302809
  • Publisher: Hachette Childrens Books
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 21.0cm x 20.2cm
  • Pages: Varies
  • Book points: 20

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Fantasic books! -

Got these for my 5-year-old granddaughter. The levels coincide with her school reading levels and she is reading them in partnership with her school reading. Also my 3-year-old grandson is enjoying the early levels.

Definitely a great buy to help supplement reading education. Would recommend them!

Nanny Plum , Fri Nov 09 14:10:32 GMT 2018

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Great set of books -

Lovely set of box for a young reader. My son is only starting to read independently but is enjoying the first few levels of this set. The books come in groups of four which have the same characters/theme. There are four of each level in the easier and harder range and eight of each for middle levels. It's nice to have extra reading books at his level that are different to the books he is reading in school but I know are the right level.

Donhay , Sun Oct 21 06:01:09 BST 2018

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Start Reading Collection -

I loved them! I'm a primary school teacher who has been teaching kids to read for 26 years. However, I bought these for my own 5-year-old to read at home. He loved them too. The funny stories, bright illustrations and characters that reappear in several stories totally charmed him. His reading really improved and he progressed through the levels fairly quickly.

Often reading schemes for very young children are quite boring due to the limited sight vocabulary kids have at that age but huge effort was put into making these as attractive as possible. I brought them into school to show the other teachers...they liked them too. His reading has come on in leaps and bounds, but more importantly he has enjoyed reading them. Would strongly recommend if you want to teach your child to read or help them improve rapidly.

Sunstarved , Thu Sep 13 23:50:27 BST 2018

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Negative contents -

I regret that I have bought this book set, and DO NOT recommend it for anyone.

After reading them myself, I have decided not to read to my young children. The contents are mostly negative, which I consider would instigate bad behaviours if my children were to learn from the books.

There are plenty of examples, for instance: (1) an auntie visiting home but the children do not like her, so the children decid to do disruptive thins to annoy the auntie. She leaves earlier and the children are happy, and appear to have been successful; (2) a group of animals in the forest are competing to see who can creep and then pop out to scare other animals. Those who can creep and scare are good and one elephant who cannot do it is bad; (3) a family go to the beach, the kids keep asking their mum for help, which the mum is getting annoyed, increasingly annoyed, about when the kids are asking her for more help; (4) Me and My Dad is about Mum and Dad who are divorced. Dad comes to see the kid, when Mum is annoyed.

Peter Mom , Thu Jun 15 13:05:20 BST 2017

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52 of 74 people found this helpful. Did you?    Yes | No

52 of 74 people found this helpful. Did you?

Thanks for your review

We were disappointed to hear that you were unhappy with this purchase. This collection has been written especially to assist children as they learn to read. To help inspire a child's love of reading, they have appealing themes and plots that many children will find entertaining.

Ryan, Book People, Thu Jun 15 16:54:02 BST 2017

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