Everyday Kitchen for Kids (Paperback)

Jennifer Low

5 years +

In this follow-up to Kids Kitchen are 100 new recipes for both sweet and savoury dishes - and they've all been designed and developed with children in mind.

None of the recipes use sharp knives or are cooked on the hob, meaning they're safer for children to cook themselves (with adult supervision, of course). Most of the recipes use measuring jugs and measuring spoons and there are photographs to help children know exactly what to aim for.

It even has dishes for children with gluten intolerances and coeliac disease. Among the recipes that can be added to family meals are up-side down baked potatoes, every-flavour pork chops and cashew couscous, while there are also over 50 baked treats including fresh lemon cupcakes and rainy day banana bread.

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  • Product code: EKFK
  • ISBN: 9781909808041
  • Publisher: Grub Street
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 27.9cm x 23.0cm
  • Pages: 216
  • Publish date: Thu Jul 31 00:00:00 BST 2014
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Great recipes -

My daughter (6 1/2) has read the whole book and made a list of probably 3/4 of the contents as 'things she wants to make'. The recipes are simple numbered instructions and clearly laid out so easy to follow though maybe with the odd reminder to check she's not missed a step. I like that there are a lot of savoury recipes as well as just puddings and cakes. She loves to make things all by herself and these recipes make it possible for her to accomplish this (with a little help round the oven!) or to make as a family if preferred.

beetlebug , Tue Apr 03 22:11:27 BST 2018

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Very disappointing -

This book is very disappointing. The writing is very small so it's difficult to read. I was hoping that my child could read the book and it would explain how to do each of the things, giving him a level of independence, rather than me having to do lots of the explaining and helping. It would have been better if it had half the number of recipes and far more pictures. One of the recipes says something like "get an adult to cut up the cherry tomatoes".

Basically, if you want recipes kids might like, then this might work (even then my children were unimpressed). If you want a recipe book to encourage children to get involved in the kitchen, get something else.

Serafina , Mon Jan 01 08:04:30 GMT 2018

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