The Dirty Bertie Audio Collection - 10 CDs (Audio)

David Roberts & Alan Macdonald

5 years +

These hilarious audiobooks follow the misadventures of Dirty Bertie and will have the whole family chuckling away at his naughty antics and disgusting habits.

With 10 CDs to enjoy, they follow Bertie as he comes up with crazy plans and increasingly madcap schemes. All read by Evelyn McLean, the laugh-out-loud stories make a revoltingly good audio collection.

Titles in this collection:
Yuck!, Bogeys!, Pants!, Burp!, Worms!, Fleas!, Loo!, Fetch!, Mud! and Germs!.

Running time: 8 hours, 37 minutes

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  • Product code: DBCD
  • ISBN: 9781847158963
  • Publisher: Magi Publications
  • Format: Audio
  • Dimensions: 13.7cm x 13.7cm
  • Pages: 0
  • Book points: 9

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Fabulous fun stories -

My daughter loves these stories. She is nearly 6 and Bertie comes with us on any long car journey, she also listens in her bedroom when she wants to chill. Bertie is a slightly naughty but wickedly fun character who always ends up in trouble. The stories are a nice length and very easy to follow, she still laughs out loud even though we must have heard them all 10 times over! I think they will still be fun for an older child as there are things that are over her head like the name (Miss Boot the teacher and Mrs Mould & Miss Beansprout the dinner ladies). We picked up a book locally which has 3 different stories and she is asking for that at bedtime every night.

Southern Jessie , Thu Apr 26 11:48:41 BST 2018

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Modern Just William -

Absolutely fantastic.

I have a 5-year-old who (as 5-year-olds do) finds poo, wee, bum and wind the funniest words on the planet.

Bertie is fantastic, a modern Just William (Richmal Crompton - and if you're too young to have heard of William or read the books, then buy one now!!!)

Each story is fun, a good length and my son asks for them rather than watching any tv show and loves car journeys with them.

Wholeheartedly recommend these. Great fun.

Daniels daddy , Sat Jan 06 21:58:32 GMT 2018

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