Big Cat Phonics Collection - 20 Books (Collection)

4 years +

Covering Collins Big Cat Reading Levels 1 and 2, the books in this collection have been designed to help support children's reading development at home.

Phonics is a proven system that helps children learn to read and write by teaching them letter sounds (known as phonemes) rather than letter names and here they're featured in funny stories. You should encourage children to read the stories and encourage them to sound out any words they struggle with. Among the stories are Hansel and Gretel, Panda's Band and Mole in the Hole.

These books come with notes for parents that will help you offer support as your children learn to read at school.
Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (1-10 of 20)
  • In a Pit - Jane Clarke & Woody Fox
  • Goat's Coat - Laura Hambleton
  • Bot on the Moon - Shoo Rayner
  • The Mouse and the Monster - Martin Waddell & Martin Chatterton
  • No, Sid, No! - Kate Scott & Pedro Penizzotto
  • Pam Naps - robyn Leveer & Tomislav Zlatic
  • Panda's Band - Laura Hambleton
  • Get up, Tom! - John Townsend & Anna Shuttlewood
  • Puff the Pup - Tony Mitton & James Cottell
  • Top Dog - Laura Hambleton

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  • Product code: BGCP
  • ISBN: 9780007966318
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Format: Collection
  • Dimensions: 21.0cm x 19.9cm
  • Pages: Varies
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Great set to help your child to read -

Really pleased with these books. My summer born son has started reception so I bought these along with the Songbirds set to help him get to grips with his new reading skills.

They are colourful with an actual story but short enough so that my son's not overwhelmed by the amount he has to read. We're on the pink band at the moment but he'll very soon be moving onto red. On speaking with my son's teacher she remarked that you never know that he was one of the youngest in the class and I feel that these books have played a part.

bigbella , Tue Oct 31 14:33:08 GMT 2017

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9 of 10 people found this helpful. Did you?    Yes | No

9 of 10 people found this helpful. Did you?