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Chrestomanci Collection - 7 Books (Collection)

Diana Wynne Jones

9 years +

Guardian Award winner Diana Wynne Jones was the author of Howl's Moving Castle and her fantasy books were a huge influence on the likes of Neil Gaiman. This collection, with absolutely stunning jackets, contains all seven books from her hugely acclaimed Chrestomanci series.

Everyone always tells Gwendolen Chant that she is a gifted witch with astonishing powers so it suits her when she's taken to live in Chrestomanci Castle. However, her brother Eric (better known as Cat), who has no magic skills, is not so keen on this move...

When they finally arrive, they quickly come to realise that life with the great enchanter is not what either was expecting and things start to get interesting... Meanwhile, the British government office is responsible for supervising the use of magic in Southern England. But can they be trusted?

Published between 1977 and 2006, these books are full of laugh-out-loud humour, magic and all sorts of alternative worlds that correlate with children's hopes, dreams and fears.
This collection includes books 1-7 in Diana Wynne Jones' Tales of Chrestomanci series
Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (7)
  • The Lives of Christopher Chant
  • Conrad's Fate
  • Charmed Life
  • The Magician's of Caprona
  • The Pinhoe Egg
  • Witch Week
  • Mixed Magics

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Magical Books -

I bought these for my nephew's 11th birthday - I had already read him Howl's Moving Castle and its sequels, and Charmed Life, so I knew he would love these. And yes, I did also buy these books because I wanted to read them. Charmed Life was a favourite with me when I was a child. Gwendolen must be one of the most memorable sisters in all literature. The other books are also brilliant, full of magic taking the reader to all kinds of unexpected places, I've been finding them very hard to put down. The plots are ingenious and there are lots of entertaining characters, both good and bad. If you like books with magic, these are some of the very best. Much more fun than Harry Potter.

Trina , Mon Dec 18 11:19:56 GMT 2017

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Magical, funny and amazing! -

I cannot recommend these enough. Great for any Harry Potter fans!

Beckybooj , Mon Nov 20 23:57:05 GMT 2017

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