Bubble Pond (Other)

5 years +

Simply inflate the bubble pond by blowing into the valve, pour the bubble solution into the dipping dish, attach a handle to a wand and dip and wave it to make amazingly huge and long bubbles.

A brilliant and fun activity for children to partake in as the days get longer and the sun comes out to shine. There's nothing better than bubbles.

Ages 5 plus
Box size 275 x 330mm
Contents: 1 bubble pond, 1 bubble solution, 4 large bubble wands

Product Details

  • Product code: CN0732
  • Dimensions: 27.0cm x 33.8cm
  • Suitable age: 5 to 8 years
  • Book points: 0

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Great for amusing toddlers -

Our young children have had a great deal of fun with this set. The bubble solution is of a good quality, which cannot always be said of some on the market. You get a very large bottle of solution in the kit. As there are four of the large bubble wands we can all play together and our children have found it easy to dip the wand in the inflatable dish and create the bubbles for themselves. Definitely good value for money.

Graidan , Thu Jun 21 15:34:20 BST 2018

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